45 Day Sage Challenge

45 Day Sage Challenge

“Smudging with sage is equivalent to giving your energy body a bath, your mind a positive boost, your emotions a soothing balm, and your spirit room to breathe. Smudging is the easiest way to change your life.” Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean

Take the Sage Challenge and 45 Days of Smudging with Sage will Heal Your World

I invite you to take the 45 Day Sage Challenge with your Guide Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean and take the most basic, and one of the most powerful steps in clearing and balancing your body, chakras, and aura; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and your environment (smudging your home).

The standard way to sage is to light the sage and then waft it from head to toe in your energy field.

The approach I take is to guide you how to use focus and to clear and balance each chakra and layer of your aura so that you receive a kundalini reiki treatment each time you smudge; catapulting your spiritual growth as you clear from your path negative energy and entities.

Join The Online Self Paced 45 Day Sage Challenge Class and Take the Necessary Steps to Heal Your World 

This Class guides you step-by-step on how to learn to Heal your World when working with the Sacred Spirit of the Sage.

When I am reading and healing a client it is always about moving dark, dense energy.

That dark, dense energy is either/or

  • Their fear, anger, worry, insecurity, and negative thought forms (stinkin thinkin)
  • Others fear, anger, worry, insecurity, and negative thought forms.
  • Karma from past life times
  • Curses from past or present life times
  • Hauntings by negative entities

Let me TEACH You how to do this for yourself in the Comfort of your Home –

There are 8 Classes in the 45 Day Sage Challenge that Cover the Following Topics

  • 1 Basic Smudging
  • 2 Attuning to The Sacred Spirit of the Sage
  • 3 Attuning to Your Higher Self
  • 4 House Cleaning – Ending Curses, Spells, Witchcraft, and Negative Entities
  • 5 Body, Chakra, and Aura Ending Curses, Spells, Witchcraft, and Negative Entities
  • 6 Aura and Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • 7 Getting IN Touch with The Crystal In Your Brain
  • 8 Salt Chakra and Aura Healing And Balancing

Here is some feedback on the Classes

  • This is awesome i feel great i am feeling heaviness being lifted off.
  • Wow, i just finished day 4 this was so amazing. I saw an image of a shaman telling me and showing me how we are all connected to the earth
  • Good day , i am at day 3 of the attuning to higher self. My dreams at night hve now been differant. I have heard my shamen spirit guide talk to me and now i am seeing my higher self as well in my dreams communicate to me
  • This was very healing. I could actually feel and see the areas where the negativity was very strong. I really felt it near the electronics, stool in the restroom, computer,and chairs and the high traffic areas as well as the front and back door. A couple of times i thought i was going to have to stop , because the smoke was so very thick i had the feeling of not able to breathe . then i felt all the guides and the spirit of the Sage and my guides and angels come in especially my Shaman guide came and said we are here it is now gone. I am so grateful for this. Thank you so much.
  • It was an expansive and sweet experience. I felt gently surrounded and supported by guides. I loved the part about the Sage sacrificing itself for healing…it brought a different vibration and perspective to the burning I personally had not thought of. The was a bit of a whistle in the background of my recording.
  • Wow is what i can say. I feel even more lighter the smoke in certain areas of the chakra`s was stronger . I could feel my Shaman Guide with me chanting. One area of my Root chakra where i really felt was not good. At the same time that i heard the guide start chanting the smoke grew denser and it was hard to breathe but i heard keep talking it’s working. The balloon burst . i got worried but i heard do not fear whet was bad is now broken up and gone make a new balloon. My son as i was getting ready to start came in he never believes in sage but came in and said MOM can you sage me i need help . That was a great thing that happened today i was able to help myself and now starting to help the world around me. The Universe brought my youngest in to ask for help. I am so honored and grateful for this 45 day sage challenge. I can feel movement in the chakra`s now.
  • Wow, i finally am able to see colors in my third eye when i close my eyes. I see colors moving in a circular movement. At one point i felt so good i let out a giggle. Thank you so much. Day one of this is awesome