Psychic Development Classes: Oneness Healing Certification

Psychic Development Classes: Oneness Healing Certification

Discover the Secret to Unlocking Your Natural Psychic Abilities

And Unlock your Unlimited Potential

When you take Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean’s Psychic Development Training you will be amazed at how quickly using these proven psychic development tools will teach you how to be a Distance Psychic Healer and how to Energetically Heal Your World and the World of Others if you Chose.

You are more than your physical body and you live in a world that is more than the physical objects you see… and you know that on more levels than one…Now take the next step, and unravel the mysteries of the Universe by unraveling the Mystery of You – A Spiritual Being having A Human Experience. Through this class you will learn how to unlock your psychic abilities, move energy, and heal yourself and others while learning in a fun and safe environment from the comfort of your home.

Right now I want you to imagine that you could see clairvoyantly, hear clairaudiantly, and know claircognatively the answers only an accurate and trained psychic would have access to and how this would change your life as you step into your power and live your birthright. With these proven techniques, you will be able to use your psychic ability to read energy (thoughts, feelings, or emotions) of any person (including yourself) or situations which will give you a greater sense of confidence when making decisions. In addition to reading energy, you will also learn how to move energy, and let’s face it, at the heart of it, everything is simply energy.

The best way to develop psychic abilities is to gently begin to clear your chakras and aura of unserving energy (such as energy that is not yours or is yours but you are done with). As a natural progression your abilities will flourish. Each layer of your aura is responsible for a different psychic function. The root chakra allows one to be a medical empath when it is open and flowing, the sacral chakra when open and flowing allows one to be an emotional empath and the solar plexus that is open allows one to read minds. When our heart is open we can know the wants and desires of another. Our throat chakra allows us to be clairaudient when open, our third eye clairvoyant, and our crown claircognizant. Everybody is a natural powerhouse of psychic potential and the more one takes time to energetically heal themselves the more their abilities will unfold.

Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean’s Psychic Development classes are designed to help you to not only learn about and harness your psychic abilities but to also use these same tools to heal yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, Many individuals experience significant mental and emotional healings as a result of the shifts these classes bring about in an individual’s life as they prepare you for success during the Ascension.

You will learn and develop and practice these psychic abilities

astral projection Instantaneous or quick healing retrocognition
astral travel kinesiology Shamanic Empathy
aura reading Mind Reader Soul journeying
bi-location Out of body experiences beyond solar system Spiritual Empathy
Channeling Physical Empathy summon or exorcise spirits
Clairaudiance power of prayer telekinesis
clairsentience precognition Telepathy
clairvoyance prophecy Teleportation
Communicate with Spirit psychic surgery Time travel beyond 200 years
Emotional Empathy psychometry Trans-mediumship
Hands on healing Relationship Empathy Verbal Empathy
Healing self and others remote viewing visions
Visual Empathy

A Brief Overview of the Psychic Development Class

In the Spiritual Development Class the Psychic Development Training you can learn how to awaken the natural empathetic and psychic abilities of each of your chakras and layers of the aura. Upon doing so you will be able to read and heal yourself or others without any tools. This class is great for those who know they have gifts but don’t know what to do with them or how to properly handle their awakening. This may be medical empathy, emotional empathy, the ability to read minds, the ability to know another’s heart desires, clairsentience, clairaudience, telepathy, clairvoyance, mediumship, or claircognizance. In Psychic Development Training you learn how to safely open, heal, and balance the 12 chakras and layers of the aura so that you can become a Psychic Healer capable of healing yourself and others naturally.

What will you Learn in this Class

  • How to Safely Awaken the Kundalini Energy
    • In this class you will practice safe techniques for awakening your kundalini which raises your level of consciousness through the activation of each chakra. This awakening is done in a safe manner and taught by Hari (who has 23 years of kundalini training and is a Guru) and by Bonnie who experienced a Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening and has 13 years of kundalini experience.
  • Yoga Breathing
    • I Began meditating at the age of 16 and have 32 years of experience and I have some amazing supernatural gifts. 
      • The key to developing your supernatural gifts starts with learning proper energy working techniques and that is learning about the breath of life
        • The First five classes a full hour of training will be dedicated to breathing
  • Yoga Mudras
    • Mudras are hand signals that actually use the electrodes in your body to heal, balance, protect, and energize your energy body. 
      • The key to developing your supernatural gifts includes getting each chakra open and flowing in natural order.
  • Angelic Healing
    • Each chakra has an angel connected to it and you will learn how to communicate and heal with the Angel yourself and Others
  • How to Use Mantras including the powerful “I am”
    • You will learn two kinds of mantras and each of them will catapult you into new ways of being that open you to infinite possibilities.
      • Mantras are Golden Words that go from your lips to Gods Ears and open doors once closed.
  • How to use your empathetic abilities and clair-abilities
    • To Psychically Read and Heal the 12 layers of the chakra and aura
      • Each week you will learn about your energy body and how to access your empathetic abilities to read and heal yourself and others.
  • How to Connect with Your Higher Self and unleash your unlimited potential
    • To know true bliss one must know the God within and that is who you will be introduced to – the Spark of Divine, Your Buddha Nature.
      • When your Higher Self is in your Drivers Seat the impossible becomes probable and the miracles unfold before you.
  • How to Sit in oneness and Heal
    • When it comes to healing I have a saying, because I am an empath, If I feel you I will heal you. From this I learned naturally how to sit in oneness and heal others when I went through my spontaneous kundalnin.
      • In this class we will awaken your Kundalini So that you can be a oneness healer too.
  • How to Evolve Spiritually
    • Because you will be awakening your levels of consciousness within each chakra in order of ascension you will Ascend and Awaken to your Divinity and Unlimited Potential
  • How to become a conscious spark of Divine
    • Through training your aware with breathing, mantras, mudras, and psychic training you will come to realize who you are at the heart of the matter.
  • How to become a full time Psychic Healer in the Oneness Healing Certification Capable of earning between $60,000 and$120,000 a year
    • Last year I reported 72,000 in income… and I took three months off. I will take your hand and train you to be a successful and certified business owner in Oneness Healing.

Logistics and Details of the Class 

  • The classes are self paced
  • Each class builds on the last class. You must have Listened to the Recording of the class before attending the next class.
  • There is a LIVE Thursday Night Student Practice Reading clinic where students practice using their psychic gifts on each other.

The purpose of this class is to learn

  • To heal and balance each of your 12 chakras and layers of the aura in a progressive manner that is safe and effective. By working on each chakra and layer of the aura you are able to safely heal your world
    • Each chakra and layer of the aura holds either a Clair-ability or an empathetic ability you will learn to safely open and use these abilities
    • Each chakra and layer of the aura is responsible for mental, emotional, and physical health, you will learn how to heal and balance each one  thus being able to safely heal your world
    • Activate each chakra in an orderly manner so that you ascend rather than experiencing uncontrolled awakenings that can wreak havoc in one’s life
  • How to use the Ho’oponono to transmute energy in your field and the field of your healee’s through transmutation.
    • Each experience we have we own responsibility for creating in our life and you will learn how to transmute those experiences through the power of Divine Love
  • How to connect with your Higher Self and Heal Your World and the worlds of your Healee’s
    • Meet your God Self and learn how to  unleash your unlimited potential
  • To use Mantras to activate your healing mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and take control of your destiny.
    • They say from your lips to God’s ears… learn to use mantras to 
  • Learn to use Mudras to activate your healing mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually
    • These ancient hand signals will use your body’s electrodes to stimulate and heal your world and can be used to help clients.
  • Once you have learned to heal and balance each of your chakras, you will learn to use your Clair-abilities and empathetic abilities to read and to heal others by sitting in oneness with them
    • Become a Well Paid Professional Psychic Healer ($60,000 to $120,000 a year)