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Next Steps
Next Steps

Do You Know What Your Next Steps Are?

Are you feeling confused and lost in life, unsure of what your next step should be?

Many time we are confused not because we aren’t intelligent thinking beings, no many times we are confused because we are unclear about the energy of how we feel and the energy of the situation we are in.

When we want to know what the next steps are, it can be challenging because we are IN the picture of our experiences and it helps to have a Neutral Observer such as myself, read the picture you are in and tell you about the scenery, what you are doing, and what is happening around you energetically and physically.

What Can Your Expect During a Next Step Healing

Phone Sessions
Phone Sessions

I help clients to get clarity so that they know what the next step is by first putting you into a light trance and then beginning to clear the energy in your body, chakras, and aura that is not yours, that is yours but not longer serves your highest good, and energy that you are done with. By clearing the energy out of your field you receive an energetic healing.

Once we have cleared your biofield we can then begin to read what your path is, where you are out of whack, and what it is you should be doing.

We will find out what your next steps are.

The great thing about this session is that the more clear you get the more in tune and in touch you will get with yourself and the more you will be able to get the answers for yourself.

For example –

  • when I read your root chakra it will tell me what your next steps are in regards to money, survival, and security.
  • when I read your belly button chakra it will tell me what your next step is in regards to emotions and sexuality
  • when I read your solar plexus chakra it will tell me what your next step is in regards to power, ego, compitetion and work.
  • when I read your heart chakra it will tell me what your next step is in regards to family and your own self love/self care
  • when I read your throat chakra it will tell me what your next step in in regards to communicating with the world
  • when I read your forehead chakra it will tell me what you should be focused on or thinking about creating
  • when I read your crown chakra it will tell me what is your next step in regards to your Higher Self and the Higher Power.

As I read your chakras and look at your next steps, I will also be clearing out any energy that keeps you from walking your path successfully and in Alignment with Your Higher Power.

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