Crystal Therapy Training

“Crystals, to me, are much like fruits and veggies. Fruits and veggies give our physical body nutrients that we need to function in good health. Crystals provide energy nutrients to our energetic field so that we can function in good health.” Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean


This is Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean and I want to welcome you to my online, self-paced class on using crystals to Remove Negative Energies and Entities.

This class was developed as a result of those who have come to me who were traumatized by negative energies and entities and needed a way to find sanity through crystals.

This class does not just give you the crystals information, it also uses guided attunements which I have recorded in front of a live class to help you attune to the crystals and work with them to heal that which is causing you pain and suffering.

A great deal of information is provided so that you can take positive steps in riding your world of negative influences while building a relationships with the Sacred Spirit of The Shaman and Your Higher Self so that you can learn to heal your world. You will also learn to work with the Sacred Spirits of your Crystals and develop a healing and guiding dialoged with them in which they guide you to taking more steps to heal your world.

What Will you Learn:

· How to connect with the Sacred Spirit of the Shaman who can remove negative entity attachments from you

· How to attune to the crystal in your brain so that you can attract and repell beings and experiences

· How to connect with the Sacred Spirit of the Lemurians who can seal energy leaks and remove soul imperatives that keep you repeating the past.

· How to connect with the Your Higher Self and learn to heal your world

· How to connect with the Sacred Angels and to Raise your Home and Body to Angelic Consciousness

· How to protect yourself from Entities of Darkness

· How to work with the Angels to Send Lost Earth Bound Spirits up to the Light who are attacking or attached to you

· How to understand your Shadow Self

· How to protect yourself from curses

· How to set up sacred space with Crystals

· How to Remove emotional hooks that bring you down

· How to remove Psychic Vampires

· How to protect Your Bio Field after you have cleaned out