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Become a Professional Psychic

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More that doing psychic readings and healings, I love to teach people how to develop their own abilities and use those tools to heal themselves thus I offer Psychic Development Classes which are also self healing classes that can be taken in the comfort of your home at your own pace.

To introduce you to working with you psychic abilities and learning to heal your world, I have created an introduction to Psychic Development Training called “Oneness Healing” in which you learn the basics of self healing and psychic development. When you take Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean’s Psychic Development Classes you will be amazed at how quickly using these proven psychic development tools will teach you how to be a Distance Psychic Healer and how to Energetically Heal Your World and the World of Others if you Chose.

All of the classes are up-loaded in the classroom, ready for you to get started on Level 1 which comprises 6 classes that teach you the fundamentals of clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience. On Thursdays at 7pm est and Saturdays at 1pm est, you can attend a live 2hr practice session for students only in which you practice what you have learned in the classroom. During this time, I will break out the “newbie” students and you will practice with me; learning, growing, and laughing as you get to know the real you!

After the 6 free classes, you have the opportunity to register to continue your healing and education in the 2 Year Oneness Healing Certification

Starla Jennies I am so grateful for this class and for all who are working to make this class available. I have learned so much in the past two weeks than I have with any other class that I have participated in. Bonnie is very hands on and has helped explain how to help me control my energy and gifts. Others have only told me that I have gifts and lots of energy. Bonnie has been awesome at helping me. The classes are VERY informative and the information is priceless. If you are not participating in this FREE class, you truly are missing out on something wonderful and life changing!

You are more than your physical body and you live in a world that is more than the physical objects you see… and you know that on more levels than one…Now take the next step, and unravel the mysteries of the Universe by unraveling the Mystery of You – A Spiritual Being having A Human Experience. Through the Psychic Development Classes you will learn how to unlock your psychic abilities, move energy, and heal yourself and others while learning in a fun and safe environment from the comfort of your home.

Duane Clarke This is a great class with interactive teachers. Most online teachers do not do not take the time to engage the students outside of the online classroom. Bonnie Jean and Hari Moorthattil are the opposite. They take the time to ask and answer questions, check to see if we understand the material and are doing the work. On another note, the meditations and exercises are very healing and transformative. All you have to do is practice. Even if you don’t physically feel it at first you are still planting the seeds and healing on deeper levels of consciousness. Sometimes we have to clear the pathways before we feel the healing. Practice, practice, practice, and take advantage of all of the resources that are offered. If you want to be the change you seek, you have to change yourself don’t you see? 

Right now I want you to imagine that you could see clairvoyantly, hear clairaudiantly, and know claircognatively the answers only an accurate and trained psychic would have access to and how this would change your life as you step into your power and live your birthright. With these proven techniques, you will be able to use your psychic ability to read energy (thoughts, feelings, or emotions) of any person (including yourself) or situations which will give you a greater sense of confidence when making decisions. In addition to reading energy, you will also learn how to move energy, and let’s face it, at the heart of it, everything is simply energy.

Cynthia M. P. Kelley I have known Bonnie Jean for a long time . She is passionate in helping people and teaching them tools to help them-self! The classes created are inspiring, detailed, educational and most of all fun !!! The people in the group are positive as is Bonnie! Hari’s knowledge brings another Dimension to helping you be healthy spiritually and physically. It is a pleasure and a gift to have this opportunity to enlighten my life.thank you!

The best way to develop psychic abilities is to gently begin to clear your chakras and aura of unserving energy (such as energy that is not yours or is yours but you are done with). As a natural progression your abilities will flourish. Each layer of your aura is responsible for a different psychic function. The root chakra allows one to be a medical empath when it is open and flowing, the sacral chakra when open and flowing allows one to be an emotional empath and the solar plexus that is open allows one to read minds. When our heart is open we can know the wants and desires of another. Our throat chakra allows us to be clairaudient when open, our third eye clairvoyant, and our crown claircognizant. Everybody is a natural powerhouse of psychic potential and the more one takes time to energetically heal themselves the more their abilities will unfold.

Jul Gabrielsen Pomeroy This is my first class with Bonnie Jean and she was highly recommended to me by my dear friend Robin. I was not sure what to expect. As I enter the 3rd week of this class, I find myself growing, learning and developing skills I never knew I could achieve. The course is well written, easy to follow and the instructors are kind, gentle and answer all questions. Highly recommended🙏

Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean’s Psychic Development classes are designed to help you to not only learn about and harness your psychic abilities but to also use these same tools to heal yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, Many individuals experience significant mental and emotional healings as a result of the shifts these classes bring about in an individual’s life as they prepare you for success during the Ascension.

Biddy Cromwell The syllabus for this class outlines what you will be learning. If you were a child that needed to know the “why?” You will must definitely be in your element. Bonnie has a way of explaining the information in a way everyone can understand, because she has walked the talk. I feel blessed to have stumbled here under the tutelage of Bonnie Jean and Hari Kumar Moorthattil. My eyes have been opened to very new information, which is assisting me in personally healing. Thank you kindly.

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Class Outline:

Psychic Development Class 1

In Class one you are introduced to the concept of “Oneness Healing” which is the ability to sit in oneness with another person and to use various techniques, that you will learn in the class, to heal them and yourself.  Once you understand the concept, we will take the first steps and begin to heal your world using yoga mudras and guided energy healing meditations that teach you the fundamentals of grounding out and getting centered as well as releasing earth bound spirits from your field. These techniques will help you to have a clean, healthy, and vibrant energy field when practiced. Furthermore, you will be introduced to the Hawaiian Healing Technique known as the Ho’oponopono which is a self-cleaning energy working tool that uses Prayer as a means of erasing problematic memories from your cellular memory through the power of forgiveness. When it comes to your psychic abilities, we play a little game called “reading the fishbowl” in the practice clinic and this is were you start to learn which clair-ability you posses most strongly: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, or clairsentience. Based on that ability (and you have one or more of them already active) you will practice reading other people. You will be amazed at how well you do!

Psychic Development Class 2

In class two you are introduced to your Higher Self which is your God Self. Through knowledge and communion with your Higher Self you can follow your spiritual path and live in alignment with what God wants for you. By getting to know your Higher Self, you will be able to spiritually care for yourself and follow the path of your Highest Calling and make a positive difference in your life and the life of those you meet. You will learn to connect with and communicate with others higher selves as well. You will learn the difference between the higher and lower selfs and the soul… which are different aspects of YOU. When it comes to developing your psychic abilities, you will learn about colors, how to sit in the center of your head and read, and how to “see” the readee/healee on your reading screen.

Psychic Development Class 3

In class three you learn all about the chakras and aura. You learn about their levels of consciousness and the natural psychic abilities in each chakra and layer of the aura. During the entire 2 year program you will learn how to unlock each gift and heal and balance each chakra and layer of the aura and how to be a fully functioning spiritual being with active natural Divine Psychic Powers. On a psychic development level, you will learn how to set your space for healing, learn how to ground out a client and give them an energetic healing, how to bring down the light of God for a Healing, how to be a Psychic Reporter – giving the facts about what you see (clairvoyant) see (clairaudient) know (claircognizance) or feel (clairsentience).

Psychic Development Class 4

In class four you explore your personal symbology. Learning to be an accurate reader requires that you learn how to interpret your own personal symbology and report the information to the readee/healee. In this class you explore your psyche. It is important that you get to know your own symbology and that will be the foundation of your readings.

Psychic Development Class 5

In class five you learn about mantras and the power of sound to heal. Learn about Seed Mantras and how to heal and open your chakras with the power of sound. In addition you are introduced to two powerful self-healing mudras; one that wards off evil and the other that removes any blocks on your spiritual path.  You will continue to practice your readings and develop your clair-abilities and empathetic healing abilities

Psychic Development Class 6

In class six you learn about the ethics of a psychic healer. Now that you know some of the basics of reading and healing, I want to make sure that you are aware of what is ethically acceptable behavior of a psychic. In addition, you learn how to clean your home, room by room, of negative entities using mudras.