Spiritual House Cleansing Session

Spiritual House Cleansing
Spiritual House Cleansing

Let me ask you a few questions to see if this is the right session for you… okay?

  • Are you comfortable living in your home?
  • Is it relaxing, inviting, and offering you serenity or is it filled with negative energy or entities?
  • Are things going bump in the night or are spirits attacking you?
  • Is the energy from fighting that has taken place or from beings who are sharing your space?
  • Are you under spiritual attack?
  • Are you being cursed with negativity?
  • Is the energy from your own sadness, fear, and worry that has coated the walls and saturated the air to the point where you feel distressed and anxious being there.


Our home is our sanctuary and should be a place of peace and love; a place where we can relax and enjoy ourselves.

Since everything is energy, our home absorbs and holds onto our emotions and the emotions of those who have lived there.

If we have lived there for a while, and experienced negative situations it may be time to have a house blessing and clearing.


How do you know if you need a Spiritual House Cleansing?


  • You live in a home where there has been fighting
  • You are in a spiritual battle
  • You are being cursed
  • You live in a home where there has been anger
  • You live in a neighborhood that is violent
  • You feel uncomfortable with the energy
  • You want to shift the energy of the home to be more positive and blessed
  • You are being attacked by entities who are negative
  • You are seeing dark shadows


Have You Just Moved into a House?


Many times when we move into a home we clean the house physically; scrubbing the floors and wiping the walls.

The new home has old spiritual energy of the previous beings who have resided there and it is a great idea to do a Spiritual Cleansing on the property.

A Spiritual Cleansing will remove the energy of the past and set the energy for what you want out of the property.

By removing the old energy and setting the new energy we can bring in greater happiness, peace, and joy to the home.

Negative Entity Removal

What are the signs that you need a House Blessing, Reading, and Clearing?

  • Things go bump in the night
  • You are hearing things
  • You are being attacked
  • You Feel Negative energy
  • Your personality is shifting

How does My property Benefit from a Spiritual House Cleansing?

  • We identify what if any entities that are there and we usher out the creeps while inviting in the Arch Angels
  • We clear negativity from the past tenets
  • We can balance the house so it fits your mood and vibration
  • We recharge with The Supreme Beings Energy
  • The old energy will be removed
  • New Energy will be brought in
  • You will feel more peace
  • You will feel more comfort
  • You will notice a shift in happiness

What Can Your Expect During a Spiritual House Cleansing?Phone Sessions

Phone Sessions

 Spiritual House Cleansings are Distance Healings which are held over the phone in the comfort of your home. During this time I will bring you into a light trance and ground you into the heart of the earth. The process is simple, once you are in trance I and my team of Sacred Spirits will begin to ask you to move into the first room (starting from the basement and working up) and I will look at each room of you home, see what entities or energies are hanging out there, and clear the room and lifting it’s vibration. We will do this in each room of your home. Afterwards, I will give you a list of products you will need to maintain the higher frequency energy in your home (they can be bought here or at your favorite store(s)).

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