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Removing Curses
Removing Curses
Hi, this is Bonnie and I have to tell you, I really used to never believe in curses.

Before I became a professional healer in 2008, I was going through a crisis in my life. My mom was dieing of stage 4 cancer (she was my best friend), my marriage was on the rocks, and I was hearing and seeing all kinds of nefarious beings so I reached out to a random psychic online and she proclaimed that I had a curse on my family, my mothers side, and if I gave her $500.00 she was capable of ending the curses for me.

I hung up the phone.

Then one day in a healing session in 2011, I met a man and spirit said he was cursed in his family line. There was a woman of African Descent from an island who had cursed his family. With no accent, he explained he was from an island and that he had indeed been told that before. At that time I knew nothing about semoving curses so all I could do was marvel that I was again, seeing something I didn’t “believe” in. That happens often when one sees between the veil, things one had never dreamed of are visible and possible.

Later in Life, I came to a point where I was working through a karmic relationship in which there were many lifetimes between us. I learned curses had been put on us. Using crystals, I began removing curses, because my guides would tell me that was the reason for the problem, (I so didn’t want to believe them – but hey, when it worked, they made me a believer) and go into past lives and heal the old trauma. Then there was this one time where a dark witch showed up on the astral plane and cursed me to be ugly in three lifetimes from now and cursed me a demonic attachment… which was a real b**ch to remove, let me tell you.

Years later, I was speaking with a reader friend and she said “Bonnie, I see someone lighting black candles and using a pendulum to find you”. I had a whole coven after me! I didn’t even know them, had never met them personally, and yet, it forced me to amp up my curse protection. Again, later, I ran into a disagreement with a an individual that I wouldn’t accept as a student, I am a teacher, and this person chose the lesser road of attacking me on a spiritual level…

For five years straight I battled the curses being cast in my direction and took a beating from the spiritual attack. There would be negative entities projecting into my room, kicking, beating, and clawing at me… and yes some even trying to sexual assault me. I would hire someone and they would get attacked.

From these experiences, I have learned that some people, with nefarious intent, have the ability to direct energy onto our path which has the potential to harm. From these experiences, I also learned how to remove the curses.

It took me five solid years of learning, but after that time, I have become very adept wise in my curse removal.

There are different types of curses and they need to be handled in different ways. There are family curses and past life curses as well as curses being dished out in this lifetime.

A curse can be as simple as an F-U or it could be as complicated as a ritual. Either way, you are being sent negative energy. This energy, if our vibration is not high enough, will stick to our energy field and has the potential to impact our path if we do not negate it.

There are two types of services that we (Ganin Lovell and I, Bonnie Jean offer) to help stop your suffering.

  1. We can remove the curses for you (you pay us an hourly rate for a set number of distance treatments)
    1. The Benefit – you do not have to do anything – we do all the work and we guarantee our work 100%
  2. We can teach you how to remove the curses yourself in our FREE Curse Removal and Negative Entity Removal Workshop that meets once a week on Sundays
    1. The Benefit – you learn how to end the attacks and how to protect yourself in the future from the masters.

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What Happens During a One-on-One Session in which we are removing curses and stopping negative entity attachments?

During a private treatment we first meet to discuss the situation. and Ganin and I will get a feel for what is happening around you, the types of entities attacking and the types of curses.

Next we will decide how many treatments you need (3 to 10)

Then each day we will go into meditation and we will remove the curse(s) and negative entities. We will go 7 generations backwards and forwards in your family line, we will go into your past lives, and we will go into your very cells and dna and remove the origin of the issue. You do not have to be present for these treatments unless you want to be on the phone while we meditate. If you do not want to be on the phone then we will send you an email each day/or call you to discuss what was found and removed. The choice is up to you.

We also teach you techniques so that you can defend yourself if the future.

You also receive

  • FREE enrollment in Bonnies 6 weeks of Psychic Development Classes (so that you learn how to interpret what you are seeing)
  • FREE in My 45 Day Sage Challenge Class.
  • One Month FREE of the Workshop Below
  • Call me to discuss at 443 7591043

What Happens During a Workshop in which we are TEACHING you how to remove curses and stop negative entity attachments?

First you will register and pay. Then I will send you an email with a link to register for maestroconference, the phone service I use to host the session. Each week that you have paid for you will receive a maestro conference email to participate.

You will receive a booklet “What to Do When You Are Cursed and Under Spiritual Attack

Each week that you attend you will learn a new way to combat curses and end spiritual attack, including the removal of nefarious entities. The format of the class is to put you into a “Getting Started” meditation and practice techniques which will begin to end the curses and attacks. After the meditation, there will be a lecture followed by a “Closing Meditation” in which we practice techniques to end the curses and attacks. Afterwards, there will be a Q&A Session. The sessions will be recorded and you will receive an email copy that you can listen to daily and PRACTICE what you are learning. This way you will be doing treatments on YOURSELF and LEARNING How To Heal Your World… which is the goal of my services.

Lastly, when it comes to removing curses, you are not alone. There is a lot of information out on the internet. Some of it works and some of it doesn’t. We can teach you the techniques that WE use and help you to get your life back!