Relationship Compatibility Psychic Reading

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Are you in a relationship that has you wondering… is our Relationship compatible? … can we make it?

It is one thing to fall in love with someone on first sight, but are you guys “built” to last… to make it through the good times and the bad… to survive the winds of change… and to work together for the success of the relationship?

This is the perfect reading and energetic healing for anyone in a new or existing relationship.

During this reading, I bring forth your Higher Self and the Higher Self of the person you are in the relationship with and I do a few things to help you (your Higher Self is your God Self) understand the current state of the relationship and the potential for compatibility.

Both parties do NOT have to be present for this reading, but if you like to do this as a couple, you can and it could help clear up existing problems or concerns and areas where you aren’t being heard will be brought to light.

When I begin, I will bring up an image of both of you and I will begin the process of evaluating where each of you are based on the information held in your chakras.

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In the root chakra, we compare your “programing” as it pertains to survival and trust. Will you be the type of couple that works together to have a strong financial footing with security and the nice amenities of life or will one or both of you squander away your funds. Will one of you be thrifty while the other is extravagant? Can you tolerate the behaviors of the other. Is there one individual whose insecurities will jeopardize the relationship or are both of you trusting?

In the sacral chakra, we compare your programing as it pertains to sexuality and emotions. Now people show love differently. Some people verbalize it where others put it into action. Some people love you but they don’t respect you. Love comes in different flavors and some people love unconditionally while others conditionally. We explore this chakra so that you see if there will be that yin-yang give and take of love and passion. Will you blend or will you separate and find a mate who matches this chakra? You will learn if romantically, your relationship compatibility as we read each chakra.

In the solar plexus chakra, we look at your programing around work, competition, and ego. This is our power chakra and here we find out if and why someone is controlling and what their thoughts are and where their mind is going. Are they going to always want to compete or are you going to work well together. Will egos clash or will you unite as a formable front against the world combining your power so that you can accomplish what you desire.

In the heart chakra we find programming around family love and self love. Here we will see IF you are in their heart chakra. If you are then you have won the place of being considered family. Are the family values the same or will they differ and destroy you. Are you the only person in their heart or are you sharing space with a lover in the heart and/or sexual chakra. Questions around their ability to love themselves will be answered and in knowing their ability to love themselves and trust themselves you will know their ability to love and trust you.

In the throat chakra we find the programming around communication. Do they really KNOW themselves or are they walking around like many people unaware of who they are and what they really want.  Do they speak their mind or do they have a habit of bottling up their words. Can there be healthy communication or is the anger the motivating factor behind their communication. Will you be able to communicate your wants and needs and will they actually hear you and listen? In addition, we will look to see if there are any channeling contracts…. with beings who are not positive… that may be causing their erratic or unpredictable or explosive behavior. These beings could be in or out of body (channeling dad or someone who is deceased and earthbound).

In the third eye we really look at their future plans and actions and even more importantly, we look at their perception of the world. Do you see things through the same lens or from different view points. Does the difference or sameness strengthen or weaken you as a couple. More importantly, is their perception skewed in which they have extremely negative view points or are mentally challenged with how they perceive events and their ramifications in their life. Do you have the same future plans of action is another question that can be answered.

In the crown chakra we see if there is an ability for the two of you to join in oneness and complete each other. Here is where we think of others before our selves if one is conscious. If one is not, then they tend to think of themselves first. Will you each put the other first or will one suffer under the weight of a taker.

The Healing Happens…

When doing this reading, when we come across blocks that can be moved; meaning the Higher Self and their Soul (and you and yours) give permission for me to either move or transmute the energy out of their field freeing them up to focus on something new. There are times where I am doing a healing on a relationship and the third party not present will reject or say no to the healing, or you will pull back and not release something.

Your level of relationship compatibility can shift through this session for the better and if I don’t see that happening I can either advise you on follow up techniques (such as the Ho’oponopono) or the necessity of another treatment 30 to 60 days out.

So please, keep in mind, I cannot not promise, until looking, if the situation will get better, if they will change, and if they will release the old “picture” and focus on something new.


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