HoOponopono Healing Treatment

Ho'Oponopono Healing Treatment
Ho’Oponopono Healing Treatment

I offer the Hooponopono Healing Treatment for clients who want to heal but have not been successful up to this point in resolving the energetic problem themselves; be it mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Some situations are too big for a client to heal on their own because they do not know what to do, and so they seek me out to “clean” on the situation.

When I do a cleaning through a Ho’oponopono Healing Treatment, I am using the Ho’oponopono Prayer, which is a Hawaiian Healing Technique that means to make right.

I discovered and began to practice the Ho’oponopono quite serendipitously, never knowing that one day I would be able to use it to heal others as a Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner.

I learned about the Ho’oponopono in 2009 when I was seeking answers on how to heal from mystery seizures that were triggered wheI haven I drank milk or ate beef that wasn’t organic. At the time the doctors in Maryland were stumped and so I packed my car, left my husband and drove half way across the country to Las Vegas seeking a means of healing.

When I arrived in Las Vegas, I met a woman on-line that told me a tiny bit about the ho’oponopono and then pointed me in the direction of a gentleman who knew more.

At that time in my life, I had been meditating for 23 years, thus I added the ho’oponopono to my daily meditations. I did the ho.oponopono for three days in a row, doing it for 30 minutes, three times a day. On the third day, I felt a huge energetic explosion in my sacral chakra. The fourth day a huge explosion in my throat chakra and after that I just KNEW I was healed. I jumped in the car, went to the store, and bought an ice cream and ate it with no seizures. I was cured!

Since 2009, I have spent many years introducing others to the ho’oponopono and helping others to heal by performing distance healing.

These are powerful sessions that bring about significant healings

Here are a few situations where I have successfully used the ho’oponopono prayer for clients:

(I have provided the approximately number of treatments necessary, but your situation may require more or less)

  • Healing of “Biggest Problem” – (Pay Per Treatment Based on Your Budget)
    • There is not a single issue that cannot be healed by the ho’oponopono. Everything can be healed. Come to me with your biggest problem… be it mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual and I will clean on the issue with the Ho’oponopono Prayer. What this means is that I will go to the source of the problem and I will erase the picture/memory from your consciousness and the group consciousness that is keeping the problem alive (be it mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual). To achieve this I put you into a light trance, say a few prayers (The Lords Prayer and The Unity Angels Prayer) guide your consciousness to focus on various aspects of your being, then we work together and clean on it with the Hawaiian Healing Prayer, the Ho’oponopono, We go into each chakra, into the very cells of your being and we clean the memories from your essence and when those memories are removed; you are free to experience Divine Inspiration, Happiness, and Peace. It is suggested that you receive 4 treatments for a total healing (or as outlined on the list below). You can space these healings out weekly or you can space them out monthly… Each time we meet a healing and shift will occur.  
  • Removal of Multiple Earthbound Spirits  (minimum of 3 60 minute treatments)
    • When a spirit passes, and it does not transition to one of the 7 realms of Heaven, then it become trapped on the earth plane. Many times these beings will attach to either sensitive beings or those folks who have gone through sever mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma. When they attach, they actually drain our life force energy. Many of them are lost and need our compassion. Generally there is not just one entity, thus the reason for several cleansings. During the cleansing, I work with the Angels and bring them into guide the lost spirits home. You could also be dealing with hearing and seeing things that aren’t there – so to speak! You may be questioning your own sanity!
  • Removal of Negative Entities  (minimum of 10  60 minute treatments)
    • Don’t you just wish everyone was nice! Spirits included… but they aren’t and there are some being who have nefarious intent and they will attach to you and attempt to wreck havoc in your life, draining you, confusing you, and attacking you. Many times this happens to spiritual people who are ascending. As their light increases, as their vibration rises, there tends to be beings who rise up to create resistance to your ascension. They don’t want you awake, conscious, and powerful…. out and about doing good! I take the risk, and am often attacked and have to clean for a long time. These beings will explode and return to source, starting all over again as pure energy through the use of the ho’oponopono. You could also be dealing with hearing and seeing things that aren’t there – so to speak! You may be questioning your own sanity!
  • Removal of Curses  (minimum of 10  60 minute treatments)
    • Drats and rat… Some beings are just mean! They think and do things that are evil. I wish it was different, but it isn’t. Now a curse can be as simple as a curse word or it can be a complicated spell. It can also be someone repeated casting the same negative thoughts your way with anger. It can be from this life or other life times. Working with the Ho’oponopono I go into the situation, find the source of the problem, and take responsibility for the situation. Then I will find the matching memories of the situation and clean the picture, removing it from the consciousness of yourself and the other person. I will negate the negative energy being cast your way. I will remove the imprint of the energy from your bio-field.
  • Healing of Seizures/Physical Illness (minimum of 5  60 minute treatments)
    • Many times, the root of illness is found in negative energy blocks, for everything is energy. Using the ho’oponopono, I go into the source of the illness and do an energetic cleansing on diseases such as cancer, ms, and seizures to name a few. I follow the trail of the energy and remove it from your bio-field. This is not a replacement for modern medicine but can be helpful when: modern medicine isn’t working alone and you want a complimentary healing modality applied, or when you want to expedite the healing process, because you will definitely heal faster.
  • Healing of Relationships (minimum of 10 60 minute treatments or 20 30 minute treatments)
    • Many times when there are problems in a relationship, the source of it can be dealt with through the ho’oponopono. Let’s say that you have a problem communicating…. maybe you aren’t hearing each other or the other person isn’t communicating. Or there is an old picture of a past relationship wound and the heart ache memory is keeping the two of you from moving forward. There could be sexual issues or trust issues. During this time the “relationship” receives a ho’oponopono treatment and those issues that stand between you will be removed that are the result of energy blocks. This will bring about a healing but it does NOT always mean that the relationship will last. Once the trauma memories are removed and the healing has commenced, it will be up to both parties to work together to keep the relationship going as in relationship new problems often arise.
  • Healing of past life issues manifesting in present (minimum of 5 60 minute treatments or 10 30 minute treatments)
    • When you are ascending you have to, when you get to the upper chakras, deal with past life issues. See, we unconsciously pull on our past lives in our current life. When you are a natural at something – you had mastered that skill in a past life. But, there are times that problems from a past life will carry over into the present moment and it will show up in the areas where we tend to be the most challenged or have the most unconscious fears. For example a fear of flying could be from a death in a past life. Unconscious fears are often a sign of a past life issue(s) manifesting in the present. Anything that you are afraid of and you can’t explain, this session will help.
  • Healing of Karma (minimum of 5 60 minute treatments or 10 30 minute treatments)
    • What did you do? If the root of the problem is karmic; meaning it comes from a previous life time, we can go into that lifetime, access the picture of the problem, and begin to do a healing on the shared memory. Through that healing, by going to the source of the problem, we will then start to balance out and transmute the karma. This will free you up.
  • Healing of Family Line Trauma (minimum of 10 60 minute treatments or 20 30 minute treatments)
    • Okay was your great granddad part of the war? Did he participate in killing? Did he abuse  and enslave the Africans or decimate the Native Americans? Was he or she responsible for the negative behaviors enacted on society. This energy is carried in your cells, in your dna, and it could be time to do a healing on your family. Maybe sexual abuse or alcoholism is rampant in your family or there is mental illness. Each of these family issues can be healed with the Ho’oponopono
  • Safe Travels (minimum of 3 30 minute treatments before leaving and daily 15 minute treatments until return)
    • Do you travel and fear it? I offer a safe travels package that will help with ensuring safe passage on your journeies.


Depending on the situation being healed there will be a different number of treatments required.

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