Angel Healing And Psychic Reading

Angel Healing
Angel Healing

Be bathed in the Presence of Angels with An Angel Healing…

I first met the Angels in 1980 – at the age of ten – as a result of a near death experience in which I almost drowned on a hot summer day at the bottom of the Mississippi River. Since then, I have had many blessed encounters with angels and in 2008, the Angles began to work with me in meditation, which lead to helping me when I communicated with my clients. Over the course of time, we have formed a healing relationship in which we work together to help you to heal and gain clarity.

When we do an Angel session, you will be bathed in the presences of the Angels as we call each one around you and then I channel the messages for you and don’t be surprised if you TOO see them as I will put you into a light trance when we begin the session. From this relaxed state, you will be able to see between the Veil and possibly even hear the messages too.

When you receive an Angel Healing, The Angels are standing by and ready to help with any situation that is “good” and will lead you on the path of Oneness with Source. Angels are discerning and non-denominational. They cannot do anything that would affect the free will of another being so when they go to work on your behalf they can help you through self discovery.

In addition, if something is part of your life path and is for your souls growth, then they may not be able to intervene and stop the situation although they can provide you guidance on how to handle the situation so that you make the choices needed to bring you closer to Source and stronger in Faith.

During an Angel Healing you can expect to meet the following Archangels: Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel as they will be called forth to help answer your questions, provide guidance, offer energetic healings, and support on your journey.


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