7 Rays of Creation Color Healing – Raise Your Frequency And Vibration

7 Rays of Creation Color Healing – Raise Your Frequency And Vibration

During A Oneness Color Healing session I sit in oneness with you either over the phone or over skype and work with the colors of the rainbow known as the 7 Rays of Creation and I read and Heal each of you chakras.

The power of this session is in the transformation that occurs as a result of changing the frequency and vibration of each chakra and removing any blocks through the power of Distance Kundalini Reiki, Crystal Therapy and  telekinesis.

Problems in each chakra can be healed, transformed, and transmuted.

Not only did Bonnie help me find clarity in my questions during the 30 minute reading, she also generously did a small healing by draining the sadness from my heart. A few days after the session, I thought about a situation that had bothered me for months, I no longer felt the tightness in my chest! Although the healing only took 1 minute, the result was so incredible, I decided to book the Oneness Color Healing session.
Bonnie cleared the blockages and negative beliefs I had since childhood, and helped me trust in God and myself.  I’ve been feeling much happier, and I just got a job that I love! Thank you Bonnie, you have helped my life transform in a beautiful way!!
Aside from the feedback– I talked to my dear friend Melody who just had a reading and Oneness Color Healing with you, she absolutely loved it! Thank you for providing this service, we’re so lucky to know you! Take care!
Patricia 8/7/18

This is truly an amazing healing experience that will leave you energized, invigorated, and enlightened.

Another benefit is that you get clarity during the session.

During a Oneness Color Healing, you also get my psychic expertise and I read what blocks are in the chakra

For example…

  • We will work with problems of fear, insecurity, and a lack of the will to live in the root chakra
  • We will work with problems of unhappy emotions and dysfunctional sexuality in the sacral chakra
  • We will work with problems of power and work in the solar plexus chakra
  • We will work with problems of self love and family love in the heart chakra
  • We will work with problems of communication in the throat chakra
  • We will work with problems of visualization, manifesting, and insight in the third eye chakra
  • We will work with your spiritual survival and issues of oneness in the crown chakra

Each chakra will receive a color healing and a cleansing and transmutation AND a reading.

This is a very healing, frequency raising, enlightening healing session and I invite you to call me today to receive an amazing energetic healing.


First, I want to thank you very much for the healing session and it even went a little bit over on hour because you were so kind answering my questions and you didn’t charge. So, I never done a healing session before and I don’t know much about color, chakra…etc. But I believe in the power in this. After my dearest friend introduced me to Bonnie, I decided to give it a try. Bonnie was so calm and loving through the entire session. She found so much stuff deep down in me that I barely remember but when she brought them up I knew immediately those were the right points! She helped me to regain my consciousness and gave me many solid/practical advice, also gave me some different aspect to look at an issue. I needed this very much, because I know we all have blind spots, and most of the time tend to think in a way we are used to. I received so much valuable information, and gained many confidences in myself. Through different colors reaching different chakra points, Bonnie revealed the hidden potential that I blocked myself from seeing. She also found some hidden problem that I am very happy I got this opportunity to work on them now. She can found your deepest, purest, honest voices in you, and not just in this one hour session, this also help me to find way to hear these voices by myself in daily life. I truly honor and appreciate this session, and the best thing is that you can definitely get the upmost benefit out of it without having any basic knowledge of chakra/color. Now I am going to learn more about this for sure : )
Thank you Bonnie, I appreciate your work and wish you all the best.

Blessings and Astral Hugs

Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean

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