Student Teacher Psychic Healer Michele Richardson

Student Teacher Psychic Healer Michele Richardson

Meet Student Teacher Psychic Healer Michele Richardson

Hi, my name is Michele Alane Richardson and it is with pleasure that I introduce myself to you. I am a proud Mother of 3 and grandmother of many whom I love dearly and cherish each moment that I learn another method for healing the issues common in many of today’s families.

I was born wide open meaning that I was seeing between the veil and seeing both the physical and the spiritual levels of existence. At the age of 4 I followed my natural healing tendencies and taught my 6 year old deaf sister to talk, using sound vibrations and being guided by Spirit and intuition. Between the ages of 5 to 10 I have many cherished memories of Jesus playing with me, guiding me, and I also lovingly remember Jesus helping me to heal all the sick stray animals I would find. During this same time, I also developed the ability to see and to begin talking to my first ghost.

I graduated Apollo College with highest honors. Being the first person in 7 years to receive 100% on my final exam. I have held different managerial positions for over 20 years and I loved every job. I was always grateful to be able to be around the public, mingling with our brothers and sisters on this planet, and helping in any way I could.

At 35 I had been diagnosed with over 18 diseases and on as many medications. The expected outcome of these illnesses were not in alignment with what I wanted and believed I could experience so I started my quest of learning self-healing techniques. Under the supervision of my doctors I began to work with edible herbs and spices and after 15 years of natural medicine I am healthy and medication free.

Bonnie Jean crossed my path in January 2017, and my life has forever changed. In Bonnie Jean’s class, I have been taught about crystals and how they help heal emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I have learned to move energy, to help heal and make whole again. I am now a psychic certified in the world famous rose reading technique. I have completed Reiki I & II , and studying for my Masters certification. Upon completing my Masters certification I will be pursuing another lifelong passion of mine, being certified as a Professional Medium who is trained to solve murder investigations.

Let me tell you about some of the specific healings I have experienced

  • Since starting the class I have noticed I’m losing weight, I look younger, feel younger, and I stand taller.
  • My anger is diminishing, I have more understanding of people’s emotions;, mine included.
  • There is almost zero pain and I am happy, more open, starting to trust again.
  • I feel like I have a purpose
  • In addition, my panic disorder has almost completely banished. I’m not terrified of anything anymore
  • My Psychic Abilities have developed as well! I am definitely seeing my guides now, not just talking to them. I am more in tune with empathy, intuition, hand and feet chakras are vibrating throughout the body
  • I have been taught how to use my PSYCHIC /MEDIUM skills correctly.

This is the most wonderful experience of my life. Taking this class teaches one to become closer to God, the higher self, and gives one an understanding of how the universe really works. You come to understand we all have a purpose here and thru this class you will find your purpose. I have been thrilled with this as a student. I am even more excited of having the opportunity to help others as a student teacher helping others to heal themselves and to help heal the world.

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