Student Teacher Psychic Healer Melissa Hosford

Student Teacher Psychic Healer Melissa Hosford

Meet Student Teacher Psychic Healer Melissa Hosford

Hello all! My name is Melissa Hosford, but you can call me Melissa Lynn.

Get To Know Me…

I grew up not fully understanding, but navigating through the abilities naturally gifted to me at birth.

People around me were easy to “read”, and those people also felt strangely comfortable expressing their fears and troubles to me. I was happy to share what I could of myself to help them, and have continued on that path all my life.

I did work first as a CNA, connecting with people through physical healing and care-taking. I worked in home healthcare, building lasting relationships with those I tended to. When someone needed a comforting hand, even outside of work, I felt compelled to reach out to them. Even when I had to switch jobs to a manager of a chain restaurant, I couldn’t seem to drop the impulse to help. My employees often called me ‘Mom’!

About Being a Psychic Healer

Fast forward a bit, where I happened, actually quite by chance, across Bonnie Jean! It was like an answer to a question I had been asking my entire life. There was all this information about crystals and how to use them, how to hone my God-given gifts to shape my own world, and heal the rest. I jumped into the learning like I was jumping into the ocean, and let the waves pull me into a deeper understanding of not only my world, but the world, spiritual and physical. Training to be a Distance Psychic Healer and Crystal Healer with Bonnie Jean has been a tremendous learning experience. This is why I am so excited to be a Student Teacher for Bonnie Jean, and to put all of this experience to good use. I look forward to working with you and together, we can find the comfort, healing, and understanding you deserve in your world.

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