Student Psychic Healer Steph Gomez

Student Psychic Healer Steph Gomez

Meet Student Psychic Healer Steph Gomez

Who am I?

That was my burning question for as long as I could remember followed by what am I doing here on this planet alive and breathing at this particular time in earth’s history?

Well I can finally say that I’ve remembered who I AM and why I’m not only breathing but truly living in this life. I have found my purpose, my reason for being and I now feel fulfilled as I help clients to find their purpose.

With that said, I want to take more time to introduce myself; I’m Steph and a big part of my mission in life is to help others remember their burning questions and upon discovering the answer, learn how to live the life they dream of in alignment with their soul purpose.

I often recall and reflect back on how out of place I felt as I navigated life without any sense of direction ignorant of my purpose. As a child I lived more in a magical imaginary world filled with angelic beings and glowing rocks that would accompany me most of my awakened hours. They were my friends and companions and although I couldn’t articulate my love for them it was strong within my being. However that came to a sudden abrupt ending when my mother overheard me speaking to these beings she couldn’t witness. Admonishing me she then did as most adults do, they shift our focus from the unseen world to the physical world and ask us to “act normal”.

I grew up considered a highly sensitive person in-tune and able to intuitively know the needs of others. I have always been the kind of person to help out others, especially if they were experiencing difficult emotions as my ability to heal with empathy is a strong gift. I’ve always found myself to be that friend or relative when someone is going through a challenge they pick up the phone and dial.

Almost decade later, having matured I found myself in what many would consider a midlife crisis only it wasn’t a crisis nor was I middle aged. It was the divine time for me to set out on a self-discovery journey. Journeys like this can seem messy, our life in disarray, and our path confusing as we seek out the meaning to our existence, our reason for being, our desires and purpose. Within a couple of years of deep soul searching not only did I find the answers I so longed to find, I also experienced some of the most amazing people and situations along the way.

During this “mid-life” crisis that is really better termed a “spiritual awakening” I began to take control of my life and invest my time and energy to follow the path of a healer.

In 2016 I started to work with energy and a wide set of healing modalities, these include:

Integrative Energy Therapy: a healing modality that incorporates the Angels to facilitate the session.

Certified Reiki Master/Teacher: working with universal life force energy to facilitate any physical, spiritual or mental healings.

Sacred Soul Alignments™ : a modality that are aids in clearing out the beliefs, patterns, emotions and trauma that is in the way, sometimes thousands of beliefs per alignment are being cleared. This clears across all lifetimes, timelines and dimensions, so trauma you may have experienced in a previous lifetime, and are still carrying the energetic imprints of, is being cleared and activating our DNA.

Soul Coaching: providing guidance from a deep soul level where I assist you in creating healthier patterns and decisions for your life.

My intuition along with most of my clair-abilities have been awakened with constant development practices. My connection to angelic beings has been restored.

About Becoming a Professional Psychic Reader and Healer

Professional Psychic Healer: I am currently working on achieving my Master Psychic Certification. Using clairvoyance, clairaudience, Claircognizance, and clairsentience I can perform Psychic Reading and Healing Sessions in which I and my team of sacred spirits; including my healing master, move energy for you that is blocking your path.

Crystal Healing Therapist – Those glowing rocks (Crystal’s) are one of my most prized and helpful tools on my healing journey. I can honestly say I do not know what my life would be like had I not had their energetic support and guidance to help me to spiritually evolve and grow. Being a crystal therapist allows me various ways of working with the stones which I can guide you with and help you to kick start healing for the body, mind and spirit.

It’s been an incredible journey and a few months back I experienced a Kundalini Awakening,

I’m grateful for living through that experience and having a community of supportive peers who are also psychic healers. I have learned along the way that I Am here most importantly, along with my healing masters to help other’s with their journey of self-discovery and healing because no one should ever have to face the dark alone. I’d love to shine the light for you until your light shines brilliantly; lighting your path in splendor as it does mine. Namaste

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