Student Psychic Healer Sondra Shondee

Student Psychic Healer Sondra Shondee

Meet Student Psychic Healer Sondra Shondee

Hello everyone! It’s nice to meet you! I’m Sondra Shondee.

I’ve always liked “pretty rocks” , and my entire family would pick up rocks that we though were pretty or interesting looking on our summer vacations. I remember one vacation where we were parking the camper in a camping site and I told mom and dad that it was the exact same spot that we had camped in the last time we were there. Mom said “No it’s not” and I told her “Yes it is”, so I decided to prove it to her. I opened up her little camping journal and found the entry for the last time we were there, and showed her the camp site number. She was very surprised to see that I was righr.

Before the start of my 9th grade year I had a dream about my Grandfather on my dad’s side. On Labor Day that year Dad & I went out to visit Grandpa and take him some home cooked food. When we got there I went in ahead of Dad and saw Grandpa in the exact same way as in my dream. He had passed away before we got there. Two weeks later, I told Dad about the dream I’d had about Grandpa earlier in the year looking the same way we found him, and he told me to quit lying. I knew what each of my 3 kids were going to be while I was still pregnant with them. I knew that my ex sister in law was pregnant 2 weeks before she told anyone she was pregnant.

I suffered verbal and emotional abuse from my ex during our marriage. I’ve always been interested in Native Americans and when I finally went to College part of my Interdisciplinary BS degree was Indian Studies. While I was in college I attended some Pow-Wows and Sweat Lodge Ceremonies. During one of the Sweat Ceremony’s I acquired 3 totem animals, and within the following month I acquired 2 more totem animals. One of the 2 later totem animals came to me on the night of a full moon.

When I left my ex and moved to New Mexico I regained my interest in “pretty rocks” and started reading up on Crystals. I then started to buy a bunch of different crystals and tried to work with them. At the same time I started to become interested in Reiki and Angels. I read a lot of Doreen Virtue’s books on the Angels and Crystals and tried to teach myself Reiki from books, but none of it worked for me. I bought a deck of Doreen Virtue’s Life Purpose Oracle Cards and started trying to work with them as well. I then started to make necklaces with chip stones and tried to sell them on Facebook, but sold very few. I actually gave away more than I sold! In January 2014 I started an online Reiki course, but couldn’t finish it right then due to moving to a place where we had no internet access. I restarted my Reiki course earlier this year, and have passed my Level 1 certification. I am currently working om my Leve 2 Reiki certification. In July 2014 I became a Certified Color Therapy Practitioner. Around March or April of this year a post of Bonnie Jean’s showed up in my Facebook news feed. I clicked on it and entered her contest for 5 weeks free of Crystal Therapy classes. I actually won! I have continued with her course ever since. At one point Bonnie Jean recommended that I also study Shamanism, so I am currently reading books on Shamanism and attending free online seminars on Shamanism as well. I have done some Crystal Readings, and Readings with my Life Purpose Oracle Cards on another person’s Facebook page. All but one person I read for stated that I was correct/right on the nose with my readings. The one person stated that they already knew everything that I had told them, so it wasn’t much of a help to them. I have attuned to the following Crystals in Bonnie Jean’s class: Turquoise Magnetite Lemurians Prehnite Selenite Jet Chlorite Amethyst Carnelian Ruby Black Tourmaline Lapis Lazuli Larimar Aegirine Blue Kyanite Labradorite Bloodstone Bronzeite I have also attuned myself to some other crystals/stones and some sealife.


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Rose Reading

December 15, 2017

Sondra did an awesome job reading my rose. I had no idea what my past life was like. I found it quite interesting and to see how it blended so well with what I am doing, thinking of getting into, and working on now. Everything made perfect sense. To know I am on the right track gives me a wonderful feeling.
Sondra, I enjoyed your reading immensely.
Thank you and Super Big Hugs!

Molly Sherrod

Good Rose Reading

December 15, 2017

Sondra did a very good job with my rose reading. She described my rose and indicated where her insights were strongly urging me to on my creativity. Her insights around my past life also ties in to my creativity. She also indicated I should learn more about gardening, plants and healing. I enjoyed Sondra’s rose reading very much.
Thank you Sondra!

Julia L