5 Free Weeks of Psychic Development Training

5 Free Weeks of Psychic Development Training

Would You Like to Discover Your Psychic Abilities AND Take Steps to Learn to Heal Your World At The Same Time?

Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean is offering you the opportunity to experience The First Five Weeks of her Psychic Development Training and Certification Classes for FREE.

All About Psychic Development Training and Certification

Bonnie Jean welcome’s you to enroll today and Guarantee’s that she will:

  • Provide a Fun, Safe, and Enjoyable atmosphere to spiritually grow in.
  • Train you in the World Famous Rose Reading Technique.
    • Certify you in the World Famouse Rose Reading Technique.
  • Educate you on and encourage you to participate in daily self-healing techniques so that you can learn to heal your world.
  • Educate you on how to move energy so that others (and yourself) receive a healing.

These classes are a perfect fit for:

  • The Novice
    • If you have limited or no experience with psychic events, or if you are a skeptic, these classes will help introduce you in a fun way to the natural gifts you possess and introduce you safely to techniques which will help you to read other peoples (either for fun or as a step on your path to a professional career change) energy and most importantly your OWN energy so you know what is happening.
  • The Curious
    • Interested in all things paranormal or have had some experiences that leave you wanting some control over your own abilities? Maybe you want a deeper understanding of how to talk to spirit, and what steps to take to keep your field clean? This class is the perfect next step on your path as it allows you to delve into your own potential and unlock your abilites with active meditation techniques. Upon unlocking your secrets you will find that these first 5 free weeks will stimulate you to want to learn more and evolve from curiosity to full immersion as a functioning psychic who chooses to take a professional path or just learn for pleasure and enjoyment.
  • The Experienced
    • Have tons of stories to tell and a few psychic tools under your belt but would like to learn a few more techniques and even be assigned your very own Healing Master who contracts in with you to help you heal anything on the earth plane? These classes are perfect and offer those with gifts the opportunity to develop not only a greater deal of control but also the ability experience the technique and decide if you want Go Professional.


Commonly Asked Questions about Psychic Development Training and Certification

Question 1: Is it really free?
  • Yes!
  • During the first five weeks you will pay nothing for:
    • The Live/Recorded Classes .mp3’s you can download (Held on Saturdays at 4pm)
    • The Live/Recorded Practice Meditations you can download
    • The Notes you can download (pdf)
    • The Live Practice Reading and Healing Clinic (Held on Sundays at 2pm)
Question 2: What happens after the first five weeks?
  • That is up to you. You can choose to enroll in the entire program and either develop your Psychic Healer abilities for non-professional benefites (they are self healing tools and you can use them to heal others as well) or with the goal of becoming a professional psychic certified in 13 different types of readings and healings. If you don’t want to register, we hope that you stay in touch and we will still consider you part of the family. You will retain your membership in the facebook community of students and past attendees and will receive special event invitations as long as you stay on the email list.
Question 3: Where and How do the classes meet?
  • You can register for the Live Practice Reading and Heling Clinics
    • Sundays at 2pm Est or Tuesdays at 9pm Est
      • Practice Reading and Healing Clinics allow you to practice giving and receiving readings and healings weekly.
  • The Live Training is Held via Maestroconfernece
    • Once registered for the classes you will be sent a link to register with maestroconference to recieve your call in number and pin.
    • You just need a phone, you don’t need a computer for class
Question 4: Do I have to attend live?
  • No – these classes can be listened to LIVE or you can listen to them on your schedule.
  • If you do not attend live on Saturdays
    • You will miss about 30 to 45 minutes of Live Practice Readings and Healing
  • As a BONUS to students you have the option of Attending Weekly Practice Reading and Healing Clinics
    • This is where we practice, practice, practice giving and receiving readings.
    • I provide real world advice on how to perform readings in professional settings
Question 5: Do I have to “join” anything?
  • Yes
    • You need to register above
    • You need to join the facebook classroom (The invite will come in your email after registering)
    • You need to join the teachable classroom (This will be sent to you when class starts)
 Question 6: Where do these teachings originate from?
  • The techniques taught in this class originated with the Berkeley Psychic Institute. BPI began teaching the techniques in the early 1970’s. Since then there have been over 300,000 students trained in the technique through various teachers of the technique.
  • I do combine my own wisdom as a natural born psychic and a 10 year veteran as a Professional Psychic Healer .
Question 7: What if I want to learn more after the first five weeks free.
  • Great – Please enroll as it is exciting news when a student chooses this path as a means of self-discovery – ascension – and awakening to being in service to their brothers and sisters on the planet as a psychic healer.
  • During week 4 you will be given a personal invitation to enroll in the year long program and we welcome you to continue your spiritual development training with us!
Question 8: Can I really make a career change?
  • Yes – If you enroll in the year long program
    • You are given all of the tools to successfully transistion into a carrer that pays on average $300 to $500.00 a day if you are a well trained and professional psychic healer.
      • You are provided  all of the energetic tools to perform 13 different types of readings and certification in those reading and healing techniques
      • You are given ample opportunity to have fun and practice weekly reading and healing your fellow students in the live class and in the weekly practice reading and healing clinics.
      • You are given the opportunity, after week 15, to participate in the Monthly Professional Psychic Reading and Healing Clinic and read for people you have never spoken with before and test out your accuracy and develop your professional reading skills.
      • You are provided job placement assistance with Psychic Hotlines
      • You are provided the training on how to establish and market your own Website
      • You are given the opportunity to have a listing on this website and a client base from which to market into.
      • You are provided ethics and business training necessary to start your own business.

Question 9: What types of Changes can I expect During the First Five Weeks?

  • You will learn how to daily practice active meditation techniques in which you ground out unserving energy run higher frequency energy in your field. This change in the energy is going to result in a healing in which you release that which would hold you back from ascending in consciousness and spirituality.
  • You could get sick. Think about this like a detox program. In order to get to the real you – we have to clean out the years of other peoples energy out of your field. You have to detox and that can mean you get ill as your body and spirit align to self healing and awakening of your Divine Self.

Question 10: How much time do I need to invest to Grow from this?

  • Besides attending the classes (or listening to the recording) the rest is up to you.
  • I would ask you,
    • how much do you want to Grow,
    • how fast do you want to accelerate your awakening,
    • how much do you want to change
  • Based on your answers I would suggest the following time investment:
    • I want to grow a little bit – I am really just interested in dipping my toe in the water and learning a little bit more about psychic abilities.
      • Just come to class (2 hrs a week) (or listen to the recording)
      • When you feel like practicing you can choose to come to a practice clinic (1 hour a week)
      • When you have time stay in the loop on the facebook group and join in the posts
    • I think I want to shift for the better – I am just limited in time due to family and work
      • Dedicate yourself to carving out “me” time weekly
      • Invest 2 hrs a week listening or attending the live classes
      • Invest at least 1 hour a week coming to a practice clinic
      • Try to meditate with the practice meditations for the week 2 to 3 times (they range from 15 to 30 minutes)
      • Stay Active on the facebook group and join in the posts
    • I want to Shift As Quickly as Humanly Possible – I am willing to dedicate daily practice and embrace a new way of being and experience life on planet Earth.
      • Dedicate yourself to carving out “me” time daily
      • Invest 2 hrs a week listening or attending the live classes
      • Invest at least 2 hour a week coming to a practice clinic
      • Incorporate Daily Active Meditation into your Routine
        • Try to meditate with the practice meditations mp3’s for the week 2 to 3 times (they range from 15 to 30 minutes)
        • Try to practice the meditations on your on your own 2 to 3 times a week
      • Stay Active on the facebook group and join in the posts