Online Classes – Psychic Development Classes

Online Classes – Psychic Development Classes

Psychic Development Classes

Whats Included In The Self Paced Classes

At this time, you can enroll and Listen to the recordings which are Just Like Sitting in Class with me. This is known as the Self-Paced Psychic Development Training and includes.

    • 53 Self-Paced Classes
    • 2 hours plus of recorded training each week
    • 2 or more practice meditations to use during the week between classes
    • 1 .5 hours of Live Weekly Practice Reading and Healing clinics on Tuesdays at 9pm EST (with fellow students)
    • 46 Real Client Sessions (example of current sample here)
    • Downloadable Notes and Recordings of The Live Class
    • Direct Access to Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean in the Private Facebook Classroom
    • 13 Certifications
    • Job Placement Assistance
    • Assistance building your own FREE website

Register Here: Teachable Classroom

“This is the most wonderful class that I have ever taken – Bonnie Jean is one of the best teachers and I am learning a great deal about myself” Geri Monroe

Discover the Secret to Unlocking Your Natural Psychic Abilities and Unlock Your Unlimited Potential Now


When you take Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean’s Psychic Development Training you will be amazed at how quickly using these proven psychic development tools will teach you how to be a Distance Psychic Healer and how to Energetically Heal Your World and the World of Others if you Chose.

You are more than your physical body and you live in a world that is more than the physical objects you see… and you know that on more levels than one…Now take the next step, and unravel the mysteries of the Universe by unraveling the Mystery of You – A Spiritual Being having A Human Experience. Through this class you will learn how to unlock your psychic abilities, move energy, and heal yourself and others while learning in a fun and safe environment from the comfort of your home.

“This is a great class filled with so much support in the student learning community and Bonnie is so patient and empathic as you’re learning, she helps you feel confident in the material you’re learning. It’s a wonderful and so necessary investment for your overall life be ts spiritual or physical.” Steph Gomez

Right now I want you to imagine that you could see clairvoyantly, hear clairiaudiently, and know claircognatively the answers only an accurate and trained psychic would have access to and how this would change your life as you step into your power and live your birthright. With these proven techniques, you will be able to use your psychic ability to read energy (thoughts, feelings, or emotions) of any person (including yourself) or situations which will give you a greater sense of confidence when making decisions. In addition to reading energy, you will also learn how to move energy, and let’s face it, at the heart of it, everything is simply energy.

“This class Leaves me amazed every week at how much a person can open up within their Soul. These Amazing Gifts that we Each have and almost Never truly access them on our own are being opened with such ease and I’m having Fun learning what I’m truly capable of and the Classmates are Awsome. The Teachers are one of a Kind… This class Is well worth it.” Christina Cano

Next, imagine having daily contact with your Personal Healing Master; a being out of body who has been trained on the Astral Plane to Heal (make sound and whole again) beings on the Earth Plane. Each student is assigned their own healing master in class 5. Once you are introduced to your healing master you will spend each day developing a relationship in which you send them on healing missions for yourself or others. When you are doing a psychic reading and healing, it is your healing master who goes into the readees field and does the healing for you, keeping your field free of energy that does not belong to you and would, over time, make you ill.

“Bonnie Jean is an amazing teacher. She spends time with each and every one of us answering any questions we have. The class is run Very professionally but at the same time we all have a great deal of fun giving readings to each other.” Mary Rodgers

The best way to develop psychic abilities is to gently begin to clear your chakras and aura of un-serving energy (such as energy that isnot yours or is yours but you are done with). As a natural progressionyour abilities will flourish. Each layer of your aura is responsible for a different psychic function. The root chakra allows one to be a medical empath when it is open and flowing, the sacral chakra when open and flowing allows one to be an emotional empath and the solar plexus that is open allows one to read minds. When our heart is open we can know the wants and desires of another. Our throat chakra allows us to be clairaudient when open, our third eye clairvoyant, and our crown claircognizant. Everybody is a natural powerhouse of psychic potential and the more one takes time to energetically heal themselves the more their abilities will unfold.

“I’ve learned so much about all of my abilities and have grown as a person in complete body, mind and spirit. I can now feel confident in my own healing activities and also knowing that I can help heal others in need. I recommend any of her courses hands down.” Steph Gomez

Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean’s Psychic Development classes are designed to help you to not only learn about and harness your psychic abilities but to also use these same tools to heal yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, Many individuals experience significant mental and emotional healings as a result of the shifts these classes bring about in an individual’s life as they prepare you for success during the Ascension.

“I no longer feel like a caged Bird wishing to be free. I am a more confident me” Angela Coleman

Certification Testing Schedule

“This class has Definitely Changed me, it has given me the confidence in myself as a psychic reader to want to further myself. I was at a stand still at this point in my life with my Gifts and was unsure what direction I wanted to Take. But with this class it has shown me the Light to my path and the direction I shall take… It’s defiantly has been a Blessing.” Christina Cano

Week 5
Rose Reading Certification (10 minute Test)
Week 10
Relationship Reading Certification (15 minute Test)
Chakra and Aura Reading and Healing Certification (30 Minute Test)
Psychic Medium Certification (30 minute Test)

Week 15
Christ Force Healing Certification (this techniques version of reiki) (30 Minute Test)
Reading and Ending Spiritual Contracts Certification (30 Minute Test)

Week 20
Reading Life Paths Certification (30 Minute Test)
Reading and Clearing a House Certification (For Haunted Houses too) (30 to 60 minute Test)
Reading and Clearing a Business Certification (For moving stuck energy and reading the group of employees) (30 to 60 minute Test)

Week 25
Erasing Beings Certification (like exorcism) (15 to 30 Minute Certification)
Reading and Ending Karma in the Karmic Arena Certification (30 minute Test)

Week 30
Professional Distance Psychic Healer Certification (60 minute session on a stranger you have never met or talked to in class)

At this time you will have the option to enter into the Professional Arena and undergo testing for Psychic Healing Websites (such as Psychic Source, Oranum, Kasamba, California Psychics, etc) and start earning a Great Income while having fun and helping others to Heal!.

Week 53
Graduation – Master Psychic Healer Certification

“I would like to share something with everyone…Bonnie is a phenomenal teacher she takes her time and explains everything that you need to know about in your new journey in life… Everyone is Amazing and Unique …You meet some really nice people that are on the same path that you are… You are not alone there are other’s just like us that I never knew… You all work together and help everyone out… I love going to class and you learn alot of knowledge…” Denise Rivera

Discover How You Can Have a Well Paying Career as a Psychic Healer

In addition to being self-healing tools, you can also use these same tools to humbly help to heal others living your life as a Professional Psychic Healer if you so choose. As a trained and professional psychic healer, your income potential, starting out, will range from $200 – $300 a day for four hours work (approximately). After six months to a year you can expect to earn approximately $500 a day for 4 hours work helping others to heal. By taking Psychic Healer Bonnie Jeans Psychic Development Training you receive the certifications that allow you to increase your earning potential while living the Life of Your Dreams Humbly Helping to Heal Others too. Bonnie Jean provides Job Placement Services at No Additional Charge and will help you to get accepted onto Psychic Hot Lines charging on average $4.99 a minutes as well as to set up your own private practice and charging approximately $120 to $150 an hour starting out as a Certified Psychic Healer.

“It is impossible to name only one thing that has been most interesting in this class. I love all of it! I do enjoy having my own Healing Master that I get to work with. Bonnie explained and taught me how to use my clairabilities which kept me from quitting the class. I owe her a lot! Thanks so much for the help. Bonnie is a wonderful teacher with endless patience.” Colette Thompson

There are a total of 53 classes and each class has a Quiz that you take and are graded on to ensure that you understand the technique and teachings. Downloadable notes accompany each class and you can have your notes handy when you take the test. In addition to the quiz for each class, there are tests in which you perform Psychic Readings for a teacher.

Successful testing results in certification.

“This class has taught me a lot – I didn’t know what to do with the gifts that I have… I am more at ease and now i know what to do to help myself and others… This is a great experience and I would recommend this class to everyone.. I look forward to receiving all my certifications and graduation… I have received 1 certification so far in the short time being in the class… I am a positive person and now I meditate everyday as well and work with my Healing Master to help myself and others… ” Denise Rivera

Class Week Description
Center of The Head 1 Find your body’s Master Control center and learn to be comfortable in your own power and certainty. Who’s steering this ship, anyway?
Fishbowl Reading 1 Learn a simple technique to create a container for energy to come into when an individual says their name three times!
Grounding and Golden Suns 1 Learn how to re-connect with Mother Earth, releasing old energy and energy that really belongs to other people. Then fill back up with your own energy, feeling healthy, safe and refreshed!
Rose Readings 2 Learn the Psychic and Energetic metaphor used in Rose Readings! You’ll use this important tool in EVERY Reading you do and of course, it’s easy and fun!
Run Earth and Cosmic Energy 2 Learn how to run Earth and Cosmic Energy and channel Higher Frequency Energy
Exploding Roses 3 Get instant relief with the simple pop of a rose. Learn how easy your energetic space can be shifted by using this technique. Everything is made up of energy and this energy can be moved with something as simple an exploding rose!
Protection Rose 3 Once you have cleaned out, protect your space from other people’s energy and attention by using this easy technique.
Havingness Gauge 4 Give yourself Permission to have your manifestations
Introduction to Pictures 4 Find out how to release the past and be free of energy and information that is not yours. One of the ways we hold energy and information in our space is in pictures!
Mock Ups 4 Learn how to create anything you would like with this simple and effective manifestation tool. They say ‘a picture says a thousand words’! Learn to create energetic pictures that the Universe uses as blueprints to create exactly what you would have!
Present Time 4 Ever find yourself ‘drifting away’ during conversations or while at work. Learn how to stay in the moment where creation, healing and maybe even magic take place. Not only can our energy get stuck in different places, it can become stuck in some other time!
Growth Periods 5 Monitor and heal side effects from rapid spiritual growth with this easy to master energy tool.
Meet Your Healing Master 5 Contract in with your very own Healing Master, a Light Being who has been trained on the Astral Plane to heal you and others. Congratulations! Through your own personal healing and spiritual development you have made significant leaps and bounds! But to aid you on the rest of your journey, we like to introduce you to your very own Healing Master.
Relationship Reading 6 One of the most frequent readings requested are relationship readings. Learn how to expertly read the energy between two people and give valuable insight on the interaction of energy between them
Learn How to Do Color Checks 6 We are beings of light and the light is divided into 7 Rays known as the 7 Rays of Creation. Learn how to work with the rays to heal your biofield while raising your frequency and vibration
Body of Glass 7 Learn to feel comfortable and relaxed by removing all resistance from your space. One reason for dis-ease and imbalance is resistance!
Neutrality and Matching Pictures 7 Learn to be neutral while you read someone else’s energy and how to release blocks to your own psychic information! Psychic Readings are fun and easy to do when you stay neutral!
Reading Chakras 8 Spinning Disks or Wheels is translation of the Sanskrit word ‘Chakra’! Learn to Clairvoyantly read and to energetically balance and heal of body’s energy system
Reading The Aura 9 Learn to read and heal this colorful energetic bubble of energy and discover information people encode within their auric field!
Reading The Dead 10 Learn to communicate and heal those that have passed over. Find out when the Dead are near and how to recognize them!
Christ Force Healing Energy 11 With the Help of your Healing Master, learn to tapped into and direct this incredible Electric Blue energy. There is grid of healing energy surrounding our planet. It was brought down by The Christ Consciousness and can result in miracle healings.
Healing Telepathic Channels 11 We have channels in our face (it looks like you are wearing a pair of sunglasses) that are known as telepathic channels. Learn how to clean and open your telepathic channels so that you can experience telepathy.
Spiritual Contracts 12 Nothing can ‘come in’ to this reality without an energetic contract or agreement. From your life partner to your postal carrier, all relationships have contracts. Learn to read, modify and destroy this contracts at will
Akashic Records 13 The Akashic Records are the sum total of everything that has and will happen. Take a trip up to the akashic records and walk the halls that lead to your own records.
Meet Your Akashic Record Keeper 13 The Akashic Records are the sum total of everything that has and will happen. Meet your own personal Akashic Records Keeper who brings information back and forth from the Akashic Records for you. This is a guide that you have had since birth. If you have a hard time “letting go” of experiences, the akashic record keeper will become your best friend.
Astral Body and Astral Planes 14 Ever wonder where we go when we fall asleep? Discover how to get into your Astral Body and navigate the Astral Planes.
Spirit Guides 15 Spirit Guides are here to teach us and learn from us. Discover who your Spirit Guides are, learn how to work with them and special skills that each one possesses.
Who Are You Channeling? 15 As we move through our incarnation, we may at times unconsciously contract in with these beings without bodies. They help us in many ways. But when these contracts are ‘out of present time’ they can become a hinderance to our spiritual development
Reading Paths 16 Reading the future can be nearly impossible but use the tools in this class to read someone’s path and learn what energies they’re headed for!
House Clearings 17 Learn to clear and set the energy of a physical structure and be the master of your home. Using many of the tools you’ve already learned, you can effortlessly shift the vibration of a room!
Business Clearings 17 Learn how to combine your Psychic Tools to clear any blocks to a business’ profitability and success!
Learn how to Read and Heal a Virtual Space 18 Take the next step and learn how to clean your virtual spaces of energy that is not yours and does not serve your highest good
Dichotomies and Perfect Pictures 19 Can’t make a decisions or stuck thinking you only have one option? Learn how to release energy and make great choices!
Divination 20 Let’s take a look at pendulums and oracle cards/tarot cards and learn how to intuitively read and work with these tools
Erasures 21 Learn how reduce energy back to its elemental form with this powerful tool sometimes referred to as a Psychic A-Bomb! It’s fundamental tool that we use in the next few classes of this series.
Spiders and Snakes 22 As a metaphor for stagnant or foreign energy, Spider and Snake energy can be removed from your energetic space with your Erasure Tool!
Karma 23 Nothing can ‘come in’ to this reality without an energetic contract or agreement. From your life partner to your postal carrier, all relationships have contracts. Learn to read, modify and destroy this contracts at will.
Using Tools In Everyday Life 24 Change the way you experience daily life by learning to rely on your Self Healing tools and staying connected to the Supreme Being. Putting all the Self Healing tools together and implementing them in your daily life can change your perception of the world and your personal role in it!
Professional Readings 25 Learn how to do a complete and thorough clairvoyant reading as Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean shares his personal techniques and secret tips!
Ethics of a Healer 26 Receive a set of Ethics for Psychic Healers that will help you to build a solid practice
Building A Virtual Office Website 27 Learn how to set up a professional website at no charge to you! Start getting your name and talents out there! All you need is paypal and a website to start doing professional readings
Paperwork – Setting Up Office 27 Set up your own business with the Government
Writing Your Healing Contract 28 Write your own healing contract for your business as you open your doors to success.
Hosting a Live Seminar 29 Learn the ins and outs of hosting a live seminar so that you can educate your followers and attract new clients either in person or over the internet
Applying to Psychic Website 30 While you are growing business on your personal website, work on a psychic hotline and earn great money from the comfort of your home. These companies now test their applicants and you will be prepared to ace their tests!
Advertising Your Business 30 Blogging about your growth periods and attracting new clients? Blogging Spiritual messages, channeled messages, and guidance can help to build a following. Learn how to Blog for your success
Distance Psychic Healer Certification Process 31 30 minute Psychic Reading Session for Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean
Psychic Push Up 32 Learn this advanced healing technique to effectively ‘push up’ and out of your body. Refining this ability is a great way to take your healing path to the next level. This tool is easy and fun to do and is utilized in many of the upcoming classes!
Deprogramming 33 Grab your Erasure tool and go after that pesky programming in your space that lights up pictures without you being in control! Use it on your toughest healing issues!
Memory Banks 34 Memories are literally little bits of energy and this energy travels along Memory Banks! Learn how to repair these connections and release Out of Present Time Pictures and Information.
Creative Rings and Running Personal Power 35 Ever wonder where the ‘halo’ came from and what they really are? In this class, learn what ‘halos’ have to do with Running Your Personal Power energy!
Running Kundalini 36 Everyone’s probably heard of Kundalini…. but learn how to master this serpentine energy with amazing results! It’s a great tool with amazing healing benefits!
Report Station 37 Discover what ‘gifts’ you once had in these other incarnations but were required to leave behind when you came to Earth by visiting your Report Station!
Technique Spiritual Freedom 37 Discover what true spiritual freedom means when compared to Physical Freedom. Learn how to achieve and maintain spiritual freedom
8th Chakra 38 We have more than just 7 Chakras… Your 8th Chakra is located over your head and it knows everything about you!
Space and Genetic Entity 39 Find freedom from past life bodies and family information regarding health and dis-ease as you master your Genetic Entity! Run on your own information!
Analyzer & Validation of Spirit 40 Not all the information in your space can be logically understood. Learn how to control your Analyzer and accelerate your Spiritual Growth!
Sympathetic Nervous System & File Clerk 41 Our Sympathetic Nervous System controls the Fight or Flight responses of our animal bodies. Learn to energetic control these reflexes
Core Pictures & Picture Makers 42 Who are you really? Working your Core Pictures, will show you! The very first picture in each series is a core picture and it defines your personality and self-identity!
Past Life Auras & Past Life Symbols 43 Learn about the pictures that you carry in your Aura from past lives that represent “high lifes” such as a ruler, commander, or famous being. Learn which past lifes are open and affecting your present life.
Anchors Points & Silver Cords 44 We have all heard about the silver cord that keeps us connected to our body when we astral project, learn now how it works and what it does
Machines & Mental Image Pictures 45 Automation may be great for a factory but Machines can bring your Spiritual Development to a slow, grinding halt!
Male Female Communications 46 Men and Woman communicate differently based on how much energy they are running in their field; a man running too much female energy will pop out of his body and a female running to much male energy will be depressed. Learn how the body responds to the types of energy you are running
Remote Viewing & Parent Child Adult Hook up 47 Practice Remote viewing and learn how children plug into parents differently than other individuals
Aliens & UFO’s 48 Go space age and learn about aliens and UFO’s and hear about Ronald Regans experience.
Alchamy 49 Experience the Magick! Meet your New Guide – The Alchemist who can transform energy for you.
Ascension 1 50 Learn what the ascension is, what energy keeps you from ascending, and meet Your Ascensions Guide (Angels and Ascended Masters for example) who guide you in Ascending
Ascension 2 51 Learn to Align your physical and spiritual bodies for the evolution of ascension so you are fully ready
Ascension 3 52 Learn about the contracts you have for ascension and how to revise them
Ascension 4 53 Learn about the last energy to be worked with so that you can ascend through the doors of forgiveness
Graduation 54 Graduation As a Master Psychic Healer in the World Famous BPI Technique