Free Energy Healing Workshops

Free Energy Healing Workshops

Welcome to our place in space where we offer Free Energy Healing Workshops as a community service. We are gathered here to assist you to freely and humbly help you to heal your world for in doing so each of our worlds receive a healing which makes the world at large a better place for each of us.

Our goals are altruistic and the purpose is to encourage you, teach you, and to humbly help you to heal your world.

This year there are several Free Energy Healing Workshops that you can participate in

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  • Learn How To Heal Depression through safe and effective energy techniques known as Ayurveda Healing which comes from India.
    • Would you like to take 30 minutes a day and free yourself from depression? Would it be worth it to you to live a life of feeling peaceful inside, in charge of your fate, and destined for happiness? Would You Like to do it naturally without any chemical side effects?
  • Learn How to Remove Curses Yourself though safe and effective energy techniques that require no tools and is based on both Ancient Hawaiian Healing and Yogic Mudras (hand signals).
    • A curse can be as simple as an F-U or it could be as complicated as a ritual. Either way, you are being sent negative energy. This energy, if our vibration is not high enough, will stick to our energy field and has the potential to impact our path if we do not negate it.