Crystal Therapy Training – Removing Negative Entities

Crystal Therapy Training – Removing Negative Entities

Crystal Therapy Training – Removing Negative Energies and Entities was developed as a result of those who have come to me who were traumatized by negative energies and entities and needed a way to find sanity through crystals.

This class does not just give you the crystals information, it also uses guided attunements which I have recorded in front of a live class to help you attune to the crystals and work with them to heal that which is causing you pain and suffering.

Michele R says:

Since starting the class I have noticed I’m losing weight, I look younger, feel younger. and I stand taller. My anger is diminishing, I have more understanding of people’s emotions, mine included. There is almost zero pain and I am happy, more open, starting to trust again. I feel like I have a purpose. In addition, my panic disorder has almost completely banished. I’m not terrified of anything anymore. My Psychic Abilities have developed as well! I am definitely seeing my guides now, not just talking to them. I am more in tune with empathy, intuition, hand and feet chakras are vibrating throughout the body. This is the most wonderful experience of my life. Taking this class teaches one t become closer to God, the higher self, and gives one an understanding of how the universe really works. You come to understand we all have a purpose here and thru this class you will find your purpose.

Taking these classes is the equivalent of having 34 1 hour energetic healing sessions with me. The VALUE of that would be $5,100.00 for the one-on-one sessions. But as a Special I am offering this class for 1/10th of that price. I will explain more in a little bit down below.

A great deal of information is provided so that you can take positive steps in riding your world of negative influences while building a relationships with the Sacred Spirit of The Shaman and Your Higher Self so that you can learn to heal your world. You will also learn to work with the Sacred Spirits of your Crystals and develop a healing and guiding dialoged with them in which they guide you to taking more steps to heal your world.

Julie, an established Healer says:

I’ve learned new techniques to enhance my spiritual soul. Using new in depth meditations and attunements I have gained more focus on my souls journey of healing others. The amazing thing about this class and Bonnie Jean is she shows you how to unblock things you thought you had complete control over. I believed my career shift wasn’t happening because it wasn’t the right time. Those things needed to change and I would know the right time to move forward. What I have learned is the time is right. I’m the one blocking progress. I now have to tools I need to unblock and move forward. Everyone has things they need to change. For some its forgiveness for others it is self-love. Whatever it is you can learn to change it by doing Bonnie Jeans class. Bonnie Jean is very personable and cares about each individual that is enrolled in her class. She is informative in her lessons. You won’t have to worry about trying to figure things out on your own. She is always available for questions and gets back to quickly with an answer.

What Will you Learn:

15 Classes – 50 Plus Hours of Recordings – 19 Crystal Attunements – 15 Distance Healing Treatment Meditations –

  • How to connect with the Sacred Spirit of the Shaman who can remove negative entity attachments from you
    • (The Shaman will negotiate and end to the attacks)
  • How to attune to the crystal in your brain so that you can attract and repell beings and experiences
    • (Learn how to Repell Negative Beings (in or out of body) and experiences
  • How to connect with the Sacred Spirit of the Lemurians who can seal energy leaks and remove soul imperatives that keep you repeating the past.
    • (Often attacks and spiritual issues come from past life programs)
  • How to connect with the Your Higher Self and learn to heal your world
    • (Your Higher Self is your God Self – Unleash IT Now)
  • How to connect with the Sacred Angels and to Raise your Home and Body to Angelic Consciousness
    • (Change your vibration and Ascend in Consciousness)
  • How to protect yourself from Entities of Darkness
    • (Protect yourself for sources of Ill Intent)
  • How to work with the Angels to Send Lost Earth Bound Spirits up to the Light who are attacking or attached to you
    • (If you are an untrained medium, learn how to send spirits to the light)
  • How to understand your Shadow Self
    • (Get in touch with the part of you that attracts these experiences)
  • How to protect yourself from curses
    • (Learn which crystals to use to create a protective bubble around yourself)
  • How to set up sacred space with Crystals
    • (Grid your Home)
  • How to Remove emotional hooks that bring you down
    • (Have negative entities that have hooked into you – remove them)
  • How to removePsychic Vampires
    • (There out there – learn to get rid of them)
  • How to protect Your Bio Field after you have cleaned out
    • (Learn which crystals to Use to Keep your Field Clean)

VALUE: $5,100.00

Jessica says –

I am healing past hurts & realizing my true potential and becoming more confident & happy since class started. My Chakras are more aligned & balanced, aura clear, home is clear of negative energy, meditation is easier, & continue to develop a closer bond with the divine, creator. This class is amazing as is Bonnie! She is a wonderful healer & truly knows what she’s doing! Being able to learn & grow through this course has been such a blessing & am forever grateful! I’ve taken many courses over the years but none compare to Bonnie’s! She goes into detail, truly cares, & is extremely talented! You will release all the no longer serves you when you take this class and you will get balanced and aligned, open up to your gifts, & climb to your truest potential! As stated before, I’ve taken many courses online and in person & NONE compare to the content that Bonnie provides – she is truly an angel! Bonnie knows what she is talking about & goes above and beyond any other teacher/guide that I know! She goes into detail & provides so much- she is amazing!


Payment OptionsPaid In Full5 Monthly Payments10 Bi-Monthly Payments
15 ClassesIncludedIncludedIncluded
Crystal Therapy Level 1 CertificationIncludedIncludedIncluded
Downloadable Recordings of The ClassIncludedIncludedIncluded
Downloadable Notes of the ClassIncludedIncludedIncluded
Direct Access to Teacher (Bonnie Jean)IncludedIncludedIncluded
Facebook Private GroupIncludedIncludedIncluded
Crystal Attunements Treatments191919
Energy Healing Treatments151515
Total Treatments343434
Price Per Healing$15.00$18.00$21.00
Total Price$ 510.00$ 612.00$ 714.00
Price Per Month$ 122$ 71



Order before The Timer Runs Out – This is A Limited Time Offer

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Order before the Timer Expires and Receive A Private 60 Minute One-on-One Session – You Choose the Type of Session You Would Like

($150.00 Value)

Choose from These Sessions:

Angel Healing – Color Healing – Raise Your Frequency and Vibration – Energetic Goal Alignment – Next Step Reading – A Psychic Reading – A Relationship Compatibility – Spiritual Energy Check – Spiritual House Cleaning

Betty Says

My right wrist is getting better from bad sprain and nerve damage. Less pain in my belly area. My neck pain is better. I am calmer. I have better clarity. When I do get upset, I calm down quicker and have better rational thought processes. I feel happier. I am able to rationalize with better clarity. I am on a more even keel even when stressed. And not feeling as stressed even though life and work has not changed. I feel like my intuition has become more open with all the people I deal with on a regular basis. Example, I know sometimes how my husband is feeling before he calls me. Learning about the crystals and how to use them was my motivation for the class. The positive mantras learned and utilized work very quickly to negate the years of negative thought processes. Focusing on the Chakras and aura cleansing lightens your spirit and opens your world!

Course Content

Lessons Status

Introduction and Overview


Crystals 101


Buying Your Supplies


Attuning to the Sacred Spirits


Activating the Crystal in Your Brain to Attrack and Repel


Meet the Lemurians


Healer Heal Thyself


Attuning to Your Higher Self


Raising Your Frequency to Angelic Consciousness


Protection from Entities of Darkness


Removing Implants


Removing Curses


Removing Emotional Hooks


Dealing with Psychic Vampires


Protecting Your Biofield

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