Student Psychic Healer Mary Rodgers

Student Psychic Healer Mary Rodgers

Meet Student Psychic Healer Mary Rodgers

Greetings and Welcome! My name is Mary Rodgers and I am a very down to earth person who values the personal touch in life… that personal touch where we reach out care for our brothers and sisters on this planet. My life has always centered on my family and I have been married to the same love of my life for 33 years, embracing our soul mate relationship based on love. After 33 years, the love is still strong. I am also the grateful mother of 7 and a grandma to two beautiful little girls.
Career wise, I have been involved in health care since I was 10 years old. I first began my helping to heal humanity path volunteering to feed and wash the elderly in a local nursing home.  After graduating from high school I stepped into the professional health care arena and I became a Medical Assistant. Upon starting a family, I switched to the role of full-time mom and embraced the new healing venture; the one in which we love and heal and nurture our family. Being a stay at home mom allowed me the privilege to do hospice care for my elder family members and to be of assistance as they transitioned from here to the after-life. Thru word of mouth, elderly neighbors came to me for care and I assisted them and ensured they were able to get the care they deserved while staying in their own home. After my youngest started high school I became an EMT which I absolutely love and find extremely rewarding.
I met Bonnie Jean on FB and was immediately drawn to her teachings regarding being a Psychic Healer so I began taking her wonderful psychic healing development class in September 2017. In that short time, I have earned several certifications and validation of my ability to be “psychic”. Bonnie Jean has opened up a whole new world for me as I have always known I was an empath and very intuitive but with her help and guidance I am learning to use those gifts but to also harness and develop my clair-abilities (clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognazance, and clairsentience). I learned these abilities had laid inside of me my entire life, dormant until I enrolled in her class.

Being a healer since 10, I have explored many modalities of healing as written above and I have added to those modalities through learning Energy Working Techniques which bring about either mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual healing for my “patients” who I lovingly guide and joyfully heal.
In addition to my psychic healer abilities, I am a certified:

  • Psychic Healer
  • Angel Reader
  • Pendulum reader,
  • Reiki Master.

I am excited to have the pleasure to work with you in a compassionate  manner and together we will heal and embrace the opportunities that await you.

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Mary was able to pick up on my creativity, my level of spirituality and a horse in a past life. I have had two other medium readings and horses always are seen by the Readers so I was impressed she also picked up on this. She did very well.

Blessings, Judy

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Feedback from Previous Sessions

Enjoyable Rose reading

March 2, 2018

I found Mary to be so down to earth and her description of my rose and it’s colors so uncanny! The colors she described were the exact colors that were swirling in my fish bowl. I’m really hoping for, and looking forward to her predictions for me in my relationship.

Jacqueline Jefferson


March 2, 2018

She knew & said things that were very accurate and also calmed my inner anxiety about my burning question. I was thinking of a violet rose and she seen it! She seen in a past life the love me & my boyfriend share for the beach.. just very on point! Thanks so much, great experience!


Incredible & accurate!

March 2, 2018

She picked up on the same color Rose I envisioned (violet)! She also seen in a past life my boyfriend and I holding hands on a beach which was amazing because we deeply share a love for going to the beach every year.. it’s our thing (: she healed my anxieties on my burning question as well. This reading with Mary was a blessing! Thanks so much ❤️


Master Guide

March 2, 2018

Mary was pure joy to work with. She was receptive and open to my request for a relationship reading with my Master Guide, even though she hadn’t experienced this type of relationship reading in the past. We were on a journey together, as if side by side, seeing the same wondrous adventure unfold. She was as delighted as I was with the outcome. Thank you, Mary. I wish you well on your healing journey ahead.



December 12, 2017

Mary was able to pick up on my creativity, my level of spirituality and a horse in a past life. I have had two other medium readings and horses always are seen by the Readers so I was impressed she also picked up on this. She did very well.