Meet Psychic Healer & Medium Angela Husnick

Meet Psychic Healer & Medium Angela Husnick

Meet Student Psychic Healer Angie Husnick

Student Psychic healer
Certified Angel Card Reader

Spiritual greetings and blessings!

My name is Angela Husnick but you can call me Angie. To tell you a little about myself I first identify as the wife of military veteran and the mother of six children. I have experienced one of the most painful situations a parent can experience and that is the loss of a child. We often think that it happens to soon, for we are not ready to let go. This loss has led me to an obsession with what happens after life on earth.

I have over 2 1/2 years of extensive studies of the afterlife and NDE’s (near death experiences). These studies have led me on a spiritual life path that I would’ve never dreamed of but am very thankful for. My studies of the afterlife and NDE’s came very quickly after the tragic loss of my son in 2015. The most prominent thing I’ve learned from my studies is that we don’t die and that love never dies and that our loved ones walk besides us always.

I grew up in Catholic family but my beliefs are much different today, due to the tragic loss of my son and my studies of NDE (near death experiences) and Life after Death.
Many times we have trouble on our paths and I know how hard it can be when one is sad, depressed, or suffering from PTSD as the result of uncontrollable trauma to the psyche and it is with I honor that I am able to help guide you. I am adept at offering Psychic guidance in regards to relationships, family, career, school, financial situations, grief and loss.

I am a certified Angel card reader and a psychic healer student. My life goal is to become a full-time Psychic healer, teacher and life coach.
I look forward to helping you heal and move forward with love and grace in your soul.


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Recent feedback

Absolutely Estatic 24 hours later after receiving A reading from Angie

April 9, 2018

What a blessing , Angie tapped into my Mother who is no longer with me on the Earth plane , and I received the message my mother had for me.
I’m still in Awe and somewhat over whelmed A much needed Healing and Guidance came totally unexpected
Her Medium ship skills are over the Top in her Delivery of Messages.
Also Confirmed my burning question about the Direction I was taking at this station of my journey , She Hit every note , A Gem of a Reader ,Crystal Clear
Thank you , Looking forward to Meeting Up Agin

Shannon Bixby

Rose Reading - Angie did an awesome and interesting reading of my Rose on December 11, 2017. (No link to post)

March 2, 2018

Angie did an awesome job in reading my rose. I don’t much about my past life(s), so I found it quite interesting to see what she revealed. She hit it right on the button for what I am currently working on. I wish there was more time to explore it further.
Thank you, Angie for the awesome rose reading.
Super Big Hugs

Molly Sherrod


December 25, 2017

It was interesting talking with Angie. She has a soothing quality to her voice. I only wish I’d had more time to talk with her, our time ended just as she was answering my question.

Jacqueline Jefferson

Calming presence

December 15, 2017

Angie has a calming tone in her voice. You are immediately at ease listening to her. Reading her bio, she has many healing “gifts” to share. I am very grateful to have talked with her Wednesday evening. Thank you, Angie.


Good reading

December 13, 2017

Everything she told me made since.

Judy Richardson