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Talk to Ghosts
alk to Ghosts

Mediumship Readings – Let’s Talk to Ghosts Today


I connect you with your departed love one and pass messages to you that have meaning in your life.

Ghosts come in three forms; those who have crossed over and become pure spiritual energy (they make you feel good when they are around and they don’t drain your energy) and those who are still “trapped” on the earth plane and are still needing human energy to take shape (they make you feel anxious or worried and they use your energy to communicate). The last kind of ghost is the ghost of your past such as a lover whose presence you still feel.

I am a trans-medium, I am able to channel the messages and information that your departed love ones wish to communicate.

I called Bonnie back on Friday 2/16/2018 for our second reading of the day. I had called with hopes of improving my energy. Bonnie has done Charka healings in the past. Bonnie was amazing. She was able to feel the presence of my Mom, who passed away before the holidays. I was able to validate some of the things Bonnie was saying. Bonnie is able to feel the presence of angels around us. Bonnie is very in tune ther callers. Thanks and Blessings, March23


She was omg amazing!  Bonnie had everything true and usually i wouldnt believe anyone but Bonnie changed my life and seeing on things ! Please do come to her! She connected with family on the other side and she was so right! User885681 


What Can Your Expect During a Mediumship Readings in which we Talk to Ghosts?

During a mediumship reading in which we talk to ghosts, you can expect to receive heart felt and valuable communication from the other side. During the reading you will learn what they are up-to (how are they spending their time) who they are keeping an eye on – if they are acting as your guardian angel, and the other spirits whom they travel with.

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