A Psychic Rose Reading

A Psychic Rose Reading

What Is a Psychic Rose Reading

When you say your name three times a beautiful rose will be created.
This rose is unique to you and it reveals a great deal about what is happening in your life
Let me ask you, “Have you ever wondered what your Higher Self is working on”?
Our Higher Self is our God Consciousness, that spark of Divine that when aligned to can steer your Spiritual Path in amazing directions.
You have to look no further than your Higher Self to receive the answers and guidance that you need.
To speak with your Higher Self I use a fun and enlightening technique known as the Psychic Rose Reading. This is the same technique my students in Psychic Development Training Learn their Second Week in Class.
When I do a rose reading I will have you say your name three times and then I will watch as your Higher Self forms a Beautiful and Unique Rose.
I will then read the rose; describing the color and the shape of the rose which will tell you what your Higher Self is working on achieving or creating in your life.
Next I will read your stem, and here I will learn about your past live(s) that are open now and impacting your current life.
Then I will move to the leaves of your rose and I will describe the creative energy that is flowing through you and what you are manifesting.
Lastly, we will look to see if you are on your spiritual path.
This reading can be done in as little as 15 minutes or as long as 30 minutes.
A Psychic Rose Reading
A Psychic Rose Reading

The Psychic Rose Reading is Revealing


The Rose Reading is a World Famous Psychic Reading Technique created by BPI and is a fun and enlightening way to get pertinent information about what is happening in YOUR world.
Each part of the flower, when looked at and read reveals something unique about your situations.
The Rose itself with it’s brightly colored flowers and various potential shapes (open or closed, wilted or vibrant) tells me
  • What Facet of Your Life Your Higher Self is Working On
  • What Your Higher Self is trying to Teach You
  • What Your Higher Self is Aligning you To
Your problems, struggles, and successes are revealed by the rose. Take the guess work out of figuring out what you are up to by getting a rose reading.
The stem with it’s thorns, bends, and roots will reveal what past lives are at play in your current life
  • Learn what past life is currently impacting your present life
  • Learn why that past life is open
  • Learn what that past life can teach you
  • Learn what talents are being brought forward to help you today
  • Learn what karmic lessons you are uselessly repeating
The leaves with it’s veins, lush color, and various shapes will speak about your creativity
  • Learn what type of creative energy you are running
  • Learn what projects are being brought to fruition
  • Learn what your strengths are to create
Lastly, Ask Your Burning Questions
  • Have questions that didn’t get answered through the rose reading?
  • Ask your burning questions and I will channel the answers from your Higher Self for your Highest Good

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