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Removing Curses
Removing Curses
Bonnie is very intuitive and precise. I called her for one thing and she said “honey no, I’m picking up the energy of this other situation that requires your focus”. Well needless to say, she was EXTREMELY right in her prediction! It came true the very next day. I called Bonnie again and she said that I needed to clear my entire house and she made yet another prediction and was quite honest in that she couldn’t even make any other predictions because of the negative energies being sent my way. Her second prediction came true the next morning. Bonnie is the TRUTH!!!  2016 – Tiffany H
I really used to never believe in curses.

Before I became a professional healer in 2008, I was going through a crisis in my life and I reached out to a psychic and she proclaimed that I had a curse and if I gave her $500.00 she could remove it.

I hung up the phone.

Then one day in a healing session in 2011, I met a man and spirit said he was cursed in his family line. There was a woman of African Descent from an island who had cursed his family. With no accent, he explained he was from an island and that he had indeed been told that before. At that time I knew nothing about removing curses so all I could do was marvel that I was again, seeing something I didn’t “believe” in. That happens often when one sees between the veil, things one had never dreamed of are visible and possible.

Later in Life, I came to a point where I was working through a karmic relationship in which there were many lifetimes between us. I learned curses had been put on us. Using crystals, I began removing curses, because my guides would tell me that was the reason for the problem, (I so didn’t want to believe them – but hey, when it worked, they made me a believer) and go into past lives and heal the old trauma. Then there was this one time where a dark witch showed up on the astral plane and cursed me to be ugly in three lifetimes from now and cursed me a demonic attachment… which was a real b**ch to remove, let me tell you.

Years later, I was speaking with a reader friend and she said “Bonnie, I see someone lighting black candles and using a pendulum to find you. I had a whole coven after me! I didn’t even know them, had never met them personally, and yet, it forced me to amp up my curse protection, this time adding common kitchen ingredients.  Again, later, I ran into a disagreement with a an individual that I wouldn’t accept as a student, I am a teacher, and this person chose the lesser road of attacking me on a spiritual level… From this experience, I learned how to work with my Sacred Shaman to go into the situation and to begin to negotiate and ending to the feud as well as to go onto the karmic arena and end the ties that bind.

There are different types of curses and they need to be handled in different ways. There are family curses and past life curses as well as curses being dished out in this lifetime.

A curse can be as simple as an F-U or it could be as complicated as a ritual. Either way, you are being sent negative energy. This energy, if our vibration is not high enough, will stick to our energy field and has the potential to impact our path if we do not negate it.

From this experience, I learned how to end curses on my body, chakra, and aura and on my home.

To start the process, please book a one-hour appointment. During this time we will read and heal your body, chakra, and aura and read and begin the process of removing the curses (150.00 an hour).

Depending on if it is an active curse or an ancient curse, we will then arrange distance sessions in which I work behind the scenes on cleaning the curse ($30.00 per 30 minutes). During this time I go into meditation and I clean on the curse, removing it from your field. It could take 5 to 7 sessions to completely remove it ($150.00 to $210.00).

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