Psychic Angel Readings and Energetic Healings

Psychic Angel Readings and Energetic Healings
Psychic Angel Readings and Energetic Healings

Psychic Angel Readings and Healing Sessions

​What a wonderful experience! I did a 30 minute angel reading with her and she went straight to work. Working through each chakra and clearing any blocks I had. She also told me thing that where accurate about my situation that I asked about. I will definitely work with Bonnie again. I highly recommend her! 🙂 Vinny Riedel

About Psychic Angel Readings and Psychic Healing Sessions

Psychic Angel Readings and Psychic Healing sessions are one of the most enjoyable readings to experience.

They bring you clarity and peace of mind and heart.

There is no question too big or small that I can’t channel the accurate and enlightening answer for you.

Or, rather than asking questions, you can just sit back, ask no questions, and allow the message you need to know most to be divulged to you.

Working through each chakra we (The Angels and I) will read what is happening in each chakra and then we will clear any blocks that are ready to be released freeing you up to take the next steps confidently on your path.

I had an angel reading and she went through my chakras. She was very accurate on a lot of things. She helped me focus on clearing negative things that are holding me back and reaffirmed my belief that I need to give these things to God and the angels to handle. It was a very wonderful, interesting experience.  Jennifer Mitchel

What Can You Expect During a Chakra Healing

Psychic Angel Readings are Distance Healings which are held over the phone in the comfort of your home. During this time I will bring you into a light trance and ground you into the heart of the earth. The process is simple, once you are in trance I will connect with our Holy Angels and we will begin to evaluate each chakra, reading the information that is stored in it and removing those issues that are either consciously or unconsciously affecting your life in a negative manner. Once the session is complete, I will then Bring Down Gods Light and Refill you with Higher Frequency Energy and set the Healing. This session is similar to distance Reiki with the exception that I can also remove negative entities in the process.
I can’t say enough good things about Bonnie Jean. What a caring, giving, beautiful and genuine person. As her student, I’m learning so much more than I expected especially in areas I’ve never explored. As my guide and teacher, not only does she explain in detail, but she teaches with patience and wholehearted dedication toward her practice. During her healing sessions with me, Bonnie Jean worked on blockages I had no idea existed and pulled from deeply repressed areas I never imagined would still be causing me such grief. The more time she spent on clearing my chakras, the more I felt relief. I literally felt these negative energies being removed from my body. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you and can’t wait to see a year from now where your teachings will take me. Blessings to you with love and light, Bonnie. Belinda Vela Florez

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Regardless of who you are and where you have been, you have been walking with the Angels.

To bring them into your life with consciousness one simply need acknowledge their presence in the world and open your heart to their healing presence, guidance, and protection. There are several types of Angelic Beings who have the capacity to help you Joyfully live life as a Spirit in Human Form.

There are Arch Angels, Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides who are here to assist you simply by having faith that they walk with you and are able to hear your prayers, lending guidance and assistance in your daily life.

During Psychic Angel Readings and Healing session, we can ask the Angels for messages that will guide you as you learn ever more to Trust that God is with you and All is Well.

When I was a child, I was introduced to the Angels at a very young age of 10ish. when I was living in Illinois I went on a camping trip with a group of friends along the muddy Mississippi River and one day we found a rope that was tied to a tree and we began to swing into the murky water. As I took my turn to swing into the water with childhood joy, I landed deep in the water and my foot became entangled with the rope and the rope became entangled in the limbs of a downed tree which was lodged in the muddy river bottom. Holding my breath, I tried to tug myself free but nothing happened and as the breath within me began to lessen in capacity, I heard my spirit guides say “Call to the Angels” and so I did that as I bit down on panic and began to scream in my head for angelic assistance. Upon the bank of the river, a young man named David, who was the other brother of my best friend Christine Beckenbach, heard the call and an instant knowing, as he says, told him to jump in and save me or else I was going to drown. He did save me and was written up in the local newspaper as a hero and honored by the Masons for his bravery.

The weeks after my experience were traumatic as the results of my experienced caused my clairaudient abilities to open and I was hearing many types of beings and many different realms of voices. I learned then how to tune in and tune out to the astral plane but slept very little. As I came to grips with my new abilities I grew in awareness of Spirit Guides, Angels, and Heavenly Help that is here for us when we open up and call on them for assistance.

Spirit Guides In Body: There may be people in your life who have the ability to act as a guide who are still in their physical form. Often these people will have a special charisma such as Jesus Christ did and they are your teachers who guide you. Maybe you hear Aunt Ruth guiding you in your head or you have a Spiritual Teacher such as a minister whose words will come to you and you are guided by their spirit. Often times, they may not consciously know they are speaking with you for their higher self is active and they are assisting you unconsciously through their wisdom and teaching as a result of the love that they have for you.

Spirit Guides Out of Body: A Spirit Guide is a special being in your life who once had a human form but has now passed to the other side. This is often a being who is part of your family line and who has been beside you from the time you were born. Because they are part of your family line, they take an interest in your life and wish to see you do well as part of the continuation of your family line. These may be family members that you have never met before. Spirit Guides are your ancestors and when you acknowledge them they have the capacity to bring gifts into your life for your enhancement. To qualify as a spirit guide, the being has received Heavenly Training on how to best assist you without interfering with your free will.

Spirit Guide Personalities: In my experience there are two types of spirit guides; positive and negative spirit guides. The positive ones will tell you to do things that are helpful, kind, loving, and guiding. The negative ones will tell you to do things that are destructive, harmful, and negative. It is possible, through entity removal, to remove the negative entities.

Guardian Angels: All souls have a guardian angel for we are each born with one. When we turn 13 most of us have the choice if we will continue to listen to their guidance or if we will go from the right hand path of good to the left hand path of negativity. They are always by our side but our freewill determines if we will continue to listen to them and allow their protection and guidance to stay with us. They stay with us until we cross over to the other side By connecting with your guardian angel you will always feel safe and protected.

Angels: Angels are beings of Light who are here to assistance and come to our aid when we ask for guidance, protection, and comfort. The angels are especially helpful when our goal is help  to heal the world through our efforts to bring joy, peace, and healing to the world we live in. You are not limited to the amount of Angels who can surround you and you can invite them into your life, into your home, your car, and your business. Angels find great pleasure in assisting us.

Arch Angels: Arch Angels oversee all of the Angels and guide the workings of Angelic Beings and are the “managers”. All beings of light are not restricted by time and space and can be here, there, and everywhere and can assist multiple people at the same time.

Free Will: We all have free will and angels do not interfere in our life unless we invite them in, the exception being if we are in a life or death situation in which it is not time for us to return to source, then they will intervene.

Ascended Masters: The ascended master Jesus is alive and well on the spirit plane and very capable of assisting us. When my mother was passing in the fall of 2008 I hit my knees in prayer to ask that Jesus protect her on her journey Home and he came into the room and my mom who was comatose sat up and gasped while squeezing my hand. Jesus guided her home and the sight was miraculous so we should never doubt that Jesus is with us.

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