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Next Steps
Next Steps

Do You Know What Your Next Steps Are?

Are you feeling confused and lost in life, unsure of what your next step should be?

Many time we are confused not because we aren’t intelligent thinking beings, no many times we are confused because we are unclear about the energy of how we feel and the energy of the situation we are in.

When we want to know what the next steps are, it can be challenging because we are IN the picture of our experiences and it helps to have a Neutral Observer such as myself, read the picture you are in and tell you about the scenery, what you are doing, and what is happening around you energetically and physically.

What Can You Expect During a Next Step Healing

I help clients to get clarity so that they know what the next step is by first putting you into a light trance and then beginning to clear the energy in your body, chakras, and aura that is not yours, that is yours but no longer serves your highest good and energy that you are done with. By clearing the energy out of your field you receive an energetic healing.

Once we have cleared your biofield we can then begin to read what your path is, where you are out of whack, and what it is you should be doing.

We will find out what your next steps are.

The great thing about this session is that the more clear you get the more in tune and in touch you will get with yourself and the more you will be able to get the answers for yourself.

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When I read for next step sessions there are Several Steps.

The First Step is to look at four of your chakras to see what is currently being manifested.

  • First I look into the Third Eye Layer of the Aura, this tells me what your perception is like. Do you view the world through a positive outlook or is it slanted towards visualizing negative outcomes?
  • Next, I look into the Emotional Chakra, which lets me know what you are emotionally charged up about, what has got your juices flowing and your motor revving.
  • Then I will read your Solar Plexus Chakra and see where your thoughts tend to focus. Where our focus goes, our energy goes. Where our energy goes we create experiences… Our thoughts are driven by our emotions, so this is the second place we look.
  • Lastly, I check to see what your Heart Layer of the Aura looks like as this tells me what type of people you are attracting to help you with your goal (be the goal money, relationships, career, items, or adventures to exciting destinations)

Next, I will Read and Energetically Heal each layer of the Chakra clearing un-serving patterns and programs in order for you to Align with Your Goals. 


To do this I will ground out your chakras and begin to read the current energy in each chakra.

Our Chakras are Spinning Wheels of Energy…. they are the equivalent to mini computers that house specific information that our body, mind, and spirit behave in accordance with the information contained within.
For example, the root chakra holds information about body, money, security, and survival. A poorly functioning root chakra will manifest as health issues involving your bones, survival challenges, financial restrictions, and a feeling of insecurity. When performing a Reading and Energetically HealingI will read each chakra and then I will begin to move energy in your field that is blocking the chakra from flowing in health which leads to healthy bones, the ability to thrive, financial abundance, and feelings of trust in yourself and the world around you. As I read each chakra, I will be describing to you what blocks I see as I remove them, what pictures you are holding, and what scripts or programs you are running and if they serve your highest good.
The sacral chakra holds programming about our emotions and sexuality, a cleaning here leads to healthy relationships and healthy visualizations which result in manifestations.
In the solar plexus chakra, one holds information as it pertains to our power, work, competition, and ego. A cleaning in this chakra can help you to learn your proper use of power as well as to align you to your career goals.
In the heart chakra, we will read the pictures you are holding close to your chest as it pertains to family love and self-love. If you lack self-love, you could have a hard time aligning with your goals. In order for one to successfully manifest all levels of our being should be in agreement with the experience… If a part of you is out of alignment the process does not remedy yourself until you have given yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually permission to achieve your goals.
When evaluating the condition of your throat chakra, energetic blocks will be looked at to see how your communication abilities are doing. If we can’t verbalize what we want then we make it harder for a plan to form. We must know our inner voice so that we can steer ourselves in the right direction to achieve our goals while being able to ascertain the other forms of guidance (such as spirit guides) that plug into our throat chakra.
Then there is the Third Eye Chakra and here I take a look at how easy or hard it is for you to visualize and if you are a verbal or visualization type of individual as some people do not need to visualize to achieve a goal, some just need to verbalize it.
Lastly, we move to reading and energetically healing your crown chakra and it is in this chakra that we can tune in and hear that which God Desires of Us. Here we can learn to listen to and clearly know our path of alignment and if we are indeed aligning to the path of our Highest Good.

Next, I will Read and Energetically Heal each layer of the Aura clearing un-serving information in order for you to Align with Your Goals. 


To do this I will ground out your Aura and begin to read the current energy in each layer of the aura.

The layers of our aura Contain our empathetic abilities (our lower 4 chakras) and our upper four Layers of the Aura contain the Clairabilities…. Each of these abilities allows us to thrive in the world we know simply through the act of grounding them out. The reason grounding out is so important is because we are sponges, it could be said.
For example, the first layer of the aura is where our medical empath abilities reside, this is where we can feel other peoples physical pain and absorb pain that isn’t ours. We may feel sick, run down or tired simply because one has not performed energy techniques. Energy techniques are not limited to “Energy Work” techniques… you could also heal these layers of the aura by repeat daily exposure to nature and/or prayer. By cleaning this layer of that aura one will feel an increase in life force energy which can result in more energy to achieve your goals.
The second layer of the aura is where our emotional empathy operates and we absorb the information of others emotions as well as emit our own emotional frequencies… If you are having problems engaging others because you are a sensitive soul, then a cleansing in this layer of the aura will emotionally free you up from those emotions which are holding you back from being emotionally charged up and radiating positive vibrations into your field and  all that you touch.
When it comes to the third layer of the aura this is where we have the gut instinct and the ability to read the thoughts of others. This ability allows us to be in tune with the situations around us and allow us to mentally feel our way around situations able to gauge the thoughts of others.  When we clean this layer of the aura – you will know what thoughts are your and what are others, giving you the ability to focus on thinking about your own goals to fruition through limited thinking. In the sense of limited thinking, I refer to limiting the number of different things you focus on in a given day. It has been shown that highly successful athletes have 1/3rd less number of thoughts than a non-athlete. The reason is that their focus is honed in on the desired result which is to score and win. And because they repetitively view themselves as a winner the best at this tend to be very successful.
Looking at the beautiful heart layer of the aura, we have our ability to know the hearts desires of other individuals. This is an empathetic ability that can cause one to lose sight of what they desire and to always do what others desire of them. A block here can also cause one to lose sight of what it is they really want in life – and that is what makes their heart flutter. Because again this experience is about attracting or repelling relationships it can be cleared so that you are attracting and repelling that which is most desired at the time.
 When we move to the throat layer of the aura is our ability to attract and repel guidance on that which we are seeking information on. When we ask a question, we align to the answer through this layer of the aura. This layer of the aura can attract beings in and out of body to answer your question bring forth the necessary answers. When cleaned one will attract beneficial guides who can help one align with their goals.
When we move up to the third eye layer of the aura we address our perception and our insight. This is how we view the world. If you are viewing yourself as capable of success then your perception is going to pave the way for your success. If there are blocks in your insight, which allows you to know your self and to understand the world you have created, this energy can be shifted so that you are in alignment with your goals.
The last chakra to be looked at is the Crown Chakra and here resides information as it pertains to our spiritual survival and our oneness abilities. We must come together with others who are in alignment to see your goal come to fruition. This is the chakra where we connect with our soul family; our brothers and sisters who will also be impacted by your goal.


Lastly, I will Connect you with Source and begin the process of balancing your Chakras and Aura with Divine Love and The New Information You Need for your Next Steps


In the begging of the session, I grounded you out into mother earth.


At the end of the session, I will help you to create a connection to Source and finish balancing and Refilling you with the Energy Source desires you to have on the next step on your path of aligning to your goals.


The benefit of this type of Psychic Healing is that one has the ability to get an in-depth look at what is blocking them and a energetic healing which removes the blocks. One comes away from the experience feeling lighter and with a sense of direction for their success

Bonnie in my opinion is one of the BEST of the best! Her accuracy is so astounding. Its as though she is reading my thoughts. During my last Chakra clearing I never really had to ask her any questions because she touched on EVERY concern that I had before I could even bring it up. I felt so much lighter and even energized as soon as the reading was over. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her to anyone in need of assistance. She is indeed a true earth angel and a healer of healers! Venus

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