Meet Ayurveda Healer Hari Kumar Moortthil

Meet Ayurveda Healer Hari Kumar Moortthil

If you were to take a moment and ask me when my spiritual journey started, I would tell you that it started in childhood through the teachings of my family.

My father is a Mantra Yogi (a practitioner of yoga with a focus on mantras), A Specialist in Kalari , Tantric Pujas,Ayurveda Vydhya,  Marma expert  etc. At an early age I was introduced to Spirits, Energy Healing, and Tantra Kriyas (Tantric Kriya Yoga uses yogic techniques that can open you to states of dynamic bliss. Kriya Yoga encompasses disciplines such as Hatha Yoga, Raga, Nada, Laya, Pranayama Yogas and more.) Yoga and learning to go inward were daily occurrences, learning to embrace the true meaning and potential that exists within all through discipline was encouraged.

My mother was my first Guru, or teacher. She passed on the wisdom teachings of Gayatri Mantra (Just like the Sun annihilates darkness, so does the Gayatri mantra destroys ignorance) at  11 years old and I found one of my passions for growth. At the age of fifteen I took another step and began to study devotedly any information I could on Mantras. When I was 23 my father passed on the wisdom teachings of the Ganesha Mantra (which breaks up obstacles).

At the age of 27 I Learned Bhrama Vidya (Is a Yogic Technique Of  Knowing Self And Realisation,we can elaborate it into  is a Science of Life teaching human beings the spiritual laws of life. These Spiritual laws operate in human life through Breath and Thought. We cannot think of life without Breath or Thought. Hence Brahmavidya teachings emphasize on Breath and Thought, which are the basic elements of life ) from Guru Bapinedu. In addition, I deepened my study of Mudras and its benefits from the Guru Bapinedu and spent  3 years conducting research on the subject of mudras culminating in writing the book Complete Hand Mudras.

Through many years of research encompassing Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, and Raja Yoga I have developed my own concept of Conscious Authority and use these teachings to humbly help you to heal your world.

My specialties include:

  • Mudra Healing
  • Breath Healing
  • Mantra Healing
  • Teacher of Self Control
  • Emotional Therapist
  • Teacher of Liberation Consciousness
  • Writer

My Services Include:

  • Live Mudra Training Course (6 one hour sessions)
  • Mudras and Breathing for Altering personality ( 21 one hour sessions).
  • Raja Yoga Mudras For Mystic Powers ( 12 one hour sessions)
  • Conscious Authority Energetic Healing

o   Realization Attainment Energetic Healing

o   Self-Control Training Energetic Healing

o   Liberation of Self Training Energetic Healing

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