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Psychic Healer and Teacher Bonnie Jean
Psychic Healer and Teacher Bonnie Jean
Chakra Healing and Reading
Energetic Goal Alignment Sessions
Get Help with Removing Curses
Next Steps Psychic Healing Sessions
Psychic Angel Readings and Energetic Healings
Psychic Readings Healing Session
Spiritual Energy Check
Spiritual House Cleaning
A Psychic Rose Reading
Mediumship Reading – Talk to Ghosts
Psychic Reading – Relationship
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My specialties include:
• Mudra Healing
• Breath Healing
• Mantra Healing
• Teacher of Self Control
• Emotional Therapist
• Teacher of Liberation Consciousness
• Writer
My Services Include:
• Live Mudra Training Course (6 one hour sessions)
• Mudras and Breathing for Altering personality ( 21 one hour sessions).
• Raja Yoga Mudras For Mystic Powers ( 12 one hour sessions)
• Conscious Authority Energetic Healing
o Realization Attainment Energetic Healing
o Self-Control Training Energetic Healing
o Liberation of Self Training Energetic Healing

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Guru Hari Kumar Moortthil
Guru Hari Kumar Moortthil
Psychic Healer & Teacher Ganin Lovell
Psychic Healer & Teacher Ganin Lovell
Psychic Aura Reading and Energetic Healing
Chakra Reading and Energetic Healing Meditation
Psychic Reading,
Womb Activation,
Crystal Healing
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Psychic Medium
Trans Medium Channel
Psychic Healer, Empathetic Reader and Healer
Chakra Reading and Healing
Aura Reading and Healing
Energy Mover,
Angel Card Reader
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Psychic Healer & Medium Angie Husnick
Psychic Healer & Medium Angie Husnick
Psychic Healer Mary Rodgers
Psychic Healer Mary Rodgers
Being a healer since 10, I have explored many modalities of healing as written above and I have added to those modalities through learning Energy Working Techniques which bring about either mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual healing for my “patients” who I lovingly guide and joyfully heal.
In addition to my psychic healer abilities, I am a certified:
Psychic Healer
Angel Reader
Pendulum reader,
Reiki Master.
I am excited to have the pleasure to work with you in a compassionate manner and together we will heal and embrace the opportunities that await you.To Read More about Her Services Click Here

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