Choosing who you become Isn’t it interesting all the “things” that Life Dishes Up to Us? Some of those “things” are opportunities for those who are wise and are choosing who you become. We are always in a position to evolve and grow or descend and flounder and this is where freewill comes in… Many individuals who are empaths have a tendency to lose sight of who they are and be influenced by those individuals and places
The first time I came face to face with Death, and had to cope with the wisdom imparted, was when I was about 6 years old living in a relatively new home in a small town in New Jersey. Across the street lived my “aunt and uncle”, great friends of my mom who were honorary members of our family. They had 6 chilren together and in our family (a mix of two marriages) there were
Pre Birth Experience
Memories of A Pre-Birth Experience Today I am digging deeper into the process of writing a book. For years I have been told I would write a book and at different times I have been pulled to start it, I have never made it to actually completing it. I have notes on paper and computer. I have talked about my birth in multiple places, explaining my pre birth experience. As I think back to what
2018 Life Path Reading
A Looksie at A Life Path Reading… As much as I am a “go with the flow” type of spiritual person; meaning that no matter what life hands me, I am always allowing, I am also very much a planner. I plan where I am going and what I am doing… I steer the direction of my life as I flow with the current of life. I often give myself a Life Path Reading in
Psychic Abilities   Earlier today, I was listening to a Workshop I did last night entitled “Letting Go of the Junk in the Trunk” and editing it for distribution. As I listened to the playback I heard my self speak of my childhood and how at the age of 6 my mother started to train me to develop my paranormal abilities. Now she also tried to  train my brothers and they wanted nothing to do


Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean