A Student Question: Why do energy workers have a tendency to get sick? I mean, I like to help people but how do I do it without getting run down? Answer: The first thing to realize is that when we are energetically healing others, if we are not trained properly, we are often doing what is known as an empathetic healing. We feel their pain either mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually and in feeling the
Kashyapa Mudra

Benefit of the Kashyapa Mudra

Posted by psychichealerbonniejean on April 11, 2018
Category: Mudras
The Kashyapa Mudra Helps Ensure You Are Channeling Beings of The Light The human body is made to channel beings. Beings in body and beings out of body. Beings can plug in any place on your body, but most often they will plug into a chakra. For each chakra there is a different reason for plugging in. But when they want to “speak” through you they often attach to the throat chakra. Many, Many, Many,
Have you ever thought, I have grown past it… (it being some “problem”) only to find yourself having to face the issue again? As a spiritual being, how does one sit in oneness when they find that they have a limited amount of trust based on past experiences? Abuse Me, I find that over time I have gotten better, as a survivor of sexual abuse and trauma, but I still find at times that I
Make God Happy
While in meditation today, I was having a conversation with my Higher Self wondering if I was doing that which would make God happy?  I was looking back over my life and looking at where I have erred, where I have dropped the ball. I was looking at my failures. I don’t dwell in the past, mind you, rather I look to see how I can change my ways in order to better live my Divine
Choosing who you become
Isn’t it interesting all the “things” that Life Dishes Up to Us? Some of those “things” are opportunities for those who are wise and are choosing who you become. We are always in a position to evolve and grow or descend and flounder and this is where freewill comes in… Many individuals who are empaths have a tendency to lose sight of who they are and be influenced by those individuals and places they choose to surround