Conversations with Spirit… Are you Wearing Rose Colored Glasses… And is It Working for You?

Conversations with Spirit… Are you Wearing Rose Colored Glasses… And is It Working for You?

Are you wearing rose colored glasses and is that working for you.

That was the question that Spirit posed to me today as I was sitting in meditation getting ready to assist you today.

Each day I commune with God before I commune with you when and if our paths shall meet.

This conversation came about because after a long journey of healing… I stopped and thought about some of the people I had met along the way and thought of how they had showed me that they weren’t really the nicest people as their behavior was manipulative and destructive… and yet, I had turned away from focusing on that and instead focused and defended that which was good in them… and this is coming from a woman whose father tried to kill her three times when she was in the womb… and saved her two times when she was an infant. The Angel Within Saved me after the Devil within him Tried to Kill me.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to me I know I wear rose colored glasses… I know I try to see everything in the Best Possible Light… I know that I believe that within each person there is good and if I focus on that Good then that Good will rise to the surface whereas if I focus on the negative that will rise to the surface.

I don’t always know how long it will take for the Good to Rise to The Surface, sometimes it is seconds… and honestly sometimes it is years… I have met some real people with some real dark issues that needed patient healing of rifts in time and space.

Those are my rose colored glasses, that is why when someone acts Like a Beastie, I stop and look for the Angel within them and that is who I communicate with… that is who I see… that is who I want to know.

See the beastie in them… the being that comes forth when they are angry, jealous or mean… that is really a childish seed of fear that grew up in bad soil and matured into a spoiled fruit.

But that isn’t the only aspect of their Being… There is the seed that God planted… The Seed of the Higher Self that wants to dig out the seed of fear and nuture the soul onto the path of love, peace, and light in Unity with the Will Of God.

Some people are afraid of the Will of God and the Path of Good… let’s face it… doing good isn’t the easiest thing to do but by doing it you ensure easy passage through the snares of the devil.

Doing Good means to take the high road, to see the good, to communicate with our higher self, and to Surrender the Situation Up to God through Conversations with God in Which You state your problem and release it up to heavenly hosts for sorting out and making right.

That was my answer to Spirit… about my rose colored glasses… and it is working for me for by the Grace of God I am saved when my own beastie rears it head and all that is Holy goes to work to weed the seed that bears bad fruit.

For none of us are perfect… and God I figure… sees through the Best Lens when we make amends for our foilbels and humanness.. and if we do the same… A fertile garden of Beauty can grow with in and spread enlightened seeds into the air for fertilization and propagation of blessings… for all his children.

As I read this…getting ready to post this channeled message… I asked Spirit “why do you want me to Write This…”

And Spirit Said

I want you to Remind Everyone Why Each Are Planted here on Planet Earth For Gods Glory.

When You See the Best… God Gets the Message and Can Manifest

When You Believe in The Best… God Can Do The Rest.

Blessings and Astral Hugs,

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