Allowing Your Higher Self to Work in Your Life…

Higher Self
Higher Self

Meeting Your Higher Self

When we work with our Higher Self, as many of you know, we are working with, communing with, and connecting in oneness with our God Self.

I have had many years getting to know my higher self, my God self, and am blessed that it started from a very young age.

I first made conscious contact with My God Self… that Holy Spirit that God Gifts us With…  I was about 9 or 10 and playing boys baseball.

I was only one of two girls, in 1979/80, on the county teams and it was fun to be part of the movement to bridge the gap between the boys/girls and allow us to jointly work together as a team rather than segregated based on our sexes.  Through our diversity we strengthen each other and raised the bar to where woman now engage in and participate with a great deal of skill in many areas such as football and wrestling which were once considered male only sports.

Well, after joining my coach placed me in the outfield… right field… and I could not catch a single fly ball to save my life…

I tried… and then one day… I just starting talking to “God” and as I tend to remember it – I began to “negotiate” with God.

I would say to God… Please move me to the position where I can do the most good.

I would just surrender to Gods will… as my mother and church had taught me.

Soon, in a matter of days, I had a try-out for catcher and did well enough to play catcher permanently.

I learned my first lesson in Connecting to Source… to Connecting with My Higher Self… to Surrendering to Divine.

Learning to Communicate Your Requests with your Higher Self/God Self

Later, when I would want to learn something, I would just ask my Higher Self to teach me…

If I wanted to learn something new, I would just ask… and in day or two I would be guided to a teacher (in or out of body) who would give the information I most needed to know at that time.

Getting in touch with your Higher Self is not a hard process.

Simply Repeating The Mantra before or as you go to bed “I am allowing my Higher Self to Solve the Biggest Problem in My Life” can open a plethora of changes that will delight you… You will see changes and shifts just in the process of allowing.

By allowing your Higher Self, by your soul giving permission to your higher self – you are giving permission for God to work through you, for the betterment of all involved.

That is something important to understand… Your soul and your Higher Self are two different beings. Your soul is where free will resides and you have choice about honoring either the lower self (which is fear driven and distant from God) or your higher self (which is driven by love and wisdom and is one with God and fears no-thing).


Mudras to Connect you with Your Higher Self/God Self

You can Also use Mudras to connect with your Higher Self.

From the Sanskrit word mudra, mudras are symbolic hand gestures used in Hindu or Buddhist religious ceremonies and in the practice of yoga. Occasionally these gestures are done with the whole body, but more often they are focused on the hand

Energetically speaking, it Is said that our hands carry karmic energy while our fingers act like plugs exchanging energy between our pranic force (life energy) and the universal cosmic energy.

Mudras, thus, can influence the pranic energy – further branching out into emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energies. By positioning our hands as dictated by the rishis of yore, we link our bodies to the cosmos – thereby easing pain, stimulating hormones and increasing our pranic vitality.

Spread extensively across Hinduism and Buddhism, it is said that there are some 400 mudras already.

Our body has the ability to rejuvenate itself and to access the ability one simply needs to position their fingers in specific ways for a set amount of time. When one positions their hands as prescribed one is forming a mudra which can heal disease and lead to a spiritual awakening.

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