Why Do Healers Get Sick?

A Student Question:

Why do energy workers have a tendency to get sick? I mean, I like to help people but how do I do it without getting run down?


The first thing to realize is that when we are energetically healing others, if we are not trained properly, we are often doing what is known as an empathetic healing. We feel their pain either mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually and in feeling the pain we can take the pain on. Again, if we are not trained properly, we can hold onto that pain and in doing so become ill. Not fun, but it does help energetically, the other person and can provide them a little or a lot of relief. But for you, especially after time it can build up and up and up till you are drowning in others agony, pain, and suffering. Taking simple steps like meditating and learning to clean your biofield will help immensely.

One of the easiest ways that I teach students to heal themselves is to teach them both active and silent meditation techniques in which the mudra Ksepana is used. This is very very very simple… and you will feel a huge shift in your field after just a few times practicing it.

The Ksepana mudra, which you learn about in class and incorporate into your daily meditations, is simply a “hand signal” that tells your Higher Self what you need done… and in this case it is about getting rid of and letting go of negative energy; be it yours or someone else’s.

What is really neat about Ksepana is that after you have done it for a few days you will start to feel the shift of energy around you and will actually feel like you are sitting in a vortex of positive energy… and the reason for that is because after it “dumps” all the dense energy – it “refills” you with positive energy creating a beautiful bubble of joyful energy around you.

The simple answer to your question is that untrained energy healers hold onto other people’s energy and to remedy the problem, and not get run down you need to meditate and let go or ground out that energy which is not yours and does not serve your highest good.

To make the Ksepana mudra you get in a comfy position such as laying down or sitting Indian or Padmasana. Then you bring your palms together and interlace your bottom three fingers and thumbs, leaving your pointer finger pointing.

Aim that pointer finger at your feet!

In general, when I am training students, I have them sit in this position for 15 minutes a day and for new practitioners of energy work, within a week they will FEEL energy spiraling around them and will notice a shift in their energy from negative to positive!

This should become a daily ritual; something you do before you heal someone and something you do after you heal someone.

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Happy Healing

Blessings and Astral Hugs Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean

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