Benefit of the Kashyapa Mudra

Kashyapa Mudra
Kashyapa Mudra

The Kashyapa Mudra Helps Ensure You Are Channeling Beings of The Light

The human body is made to channel beings.

Beings in body and beings out of body.

Beings can plug in any place on your body, but most often they will plug into a chakra.

For each chakra there is a different reason for plugging in.

But when they want to “speak” through you they often attach to the throat chakra.

Many, Many, Many, people are channels!

Often when someone is committing violent acts, they are channeling a being of a lower vibration.

Many psychic readers and mediums channel beings and those beings aren’t always of the light, they are often deceased beings who have not crossed over.

Though these can be “beneficial” in that they can give one information… they can also be detrimental as they tend to feed on our life force energy so that they can communicate.

A spirit is earth bound because it has chosen NOT to work with the Angels in order to ascend and cast off their earthly bonds.

So it can often still retain negative aspects of their being, negative behaviors, and can cause negative situations.

The Kashyapa Mudra, when done daily and consistently for as little as 15 minutes does what it names implies in its translation – which is turtle!

The kashyapa Mudra creates an energetic turtle shell around you in which you can pull yourself INTO and Protect Yourself… or stretch out and stroll through the astral.

The more you practice it the stronger your shell becomes.

The stronger your shell becomes the harder it is for entities to “plug in” and attach to you.

What is wonderful is it allow beings who are positive to enter your field (those whose intent is “good”) and it creates a barrier against beings who are negative (those whose intent is nefarious).

Yesterday, while I was doing a reading, I was inundated with lost souls. I immediately placed my hands in the Kashyapa mudra and was grateful to see them back off and move to another space.

Sometimes though, certain souls will stay and my angels will work with them to guide them home… for I do call on the angels and they assist me. Not all earth bound spirits are negative entities or beings.

But one of the problems, when learning psychic development is that you can open up to channeling and end up channeling lower level beings.

To ENSURE that you do not channel lower level beings you are provided the tool of the Kashyapa in the Oneness Healing Certification.

Please be sure to use it daily!

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