How to sit in Oneness when You Don’t Trust



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Have you ever thought, I have grown past it… (it being some “problem”) only to find yourself having to face the issue again? As a spiritual being, how does one sit in oneness when they find that they have a limited amount of trust based on past experiences?


Me, I find that over time I have gotten better, as a survivor of sexual abuse and trauma, but I still find at times that I find another part of myself that is fractured, skewed, and out of alignment with trusting some people, and for me that tends to be male energy, I tend to avoid contact on certain levels at certain times. But not all the time.

When I was a child my space was invaded and I experienced sexual abuse and trauma at the hands of boys/men. I started therapy with a para-psychologist at the age of 16 and began meditating as a coping mechanism.

Today as I meditated, as I ground out deep into the core of the earth, I found that as is normal, rather than going straight down, my grounding cord would zig-zag. Once this had confused me and when I went to my teacher at the time, she told me that I was avoiding the male energy that had saturated into the layers of the earth.

Today I remembered that, and it brought me out of meditation.

Here I am – a teacher and a practitioner of oneness… A believer that we need to sit in oneness so that we can just be the spark of Divine… and allow Love to radiate from our entire being(s)… thus shifting the vibration of the earth plane to one united whole rather than factions and fractures of splintered light.

Another thing that I remembered, was how, when I began the process of going through a Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening in 2005, why me? I mean I am an individualist who meditates with a collectivist desire.

In essence, I like my own space, my solitude and my individual and personal place in space… “My Secret Garden” in the Words of Bruce Springsteen.

Yet, I also Love to Heal through the powers of empathy (for which I am a natural) and sit in oneness and absorb and transmute the pains of another so that they can achieve a place where they begin to take the next steps in personally continuing to heal their world.

So I have this dichotomy inside of me… A Desire to be an individual and just hang out with The God Within… And A Desire to join in the collective synergy and hang out with The God Within All that is….

A Step Towards Oneness – A Step In The Right Direction

So how does one sit in “oneness” and oneness to me means that we allow others into our most secret of places and not fear the truth of who we are to shine; which is the spark of Divine, A Face of Divine, and those others, they too are just a face of you that you have created to help you let go, relax, and trust that you can love all that is.

Those negative and abusive experiences; be that mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual experiences… you don’t have to hide them from God… you simply need to say I love You, I am sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You.

You say I love you because you choose to allow the true essence of source “love” to be your reaction to all experiences so that you can accept 100% credibility for creating the situation.

You say I am sorry because you are practicing atonement for creating the experience.

You say Please forgive me because you erred in your creations of something harmful.

You say Thank You because you are grateful Source is taking care of and transmuting the situation in the moment from a haunting memory to a point of zero… which means to go to a place of pure Love as is God.

To learn more about the Ho’oponopono please follow this link and learn to clean up the “messes” you have made through taking 100% responsibility for all that is in your world…


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    How to sit in Oneness when You Don

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