Choosing who you Become

Choosing who you become
Choosing who you become

Isn’t it interesting all the “things” that Life Dishes Up to Us? Some of those “things” are opportunities for those who are wise and are choosing who you become. We are always in a position to evolve and grow or descend and flounder and this is where freewill comes in…

Many individuals who are empaths have a tendency to lose sight of who they are and be influenced by those individuals and places they choose to surround themselves with. Empathy is found in our root layer of the aura (physical/medical empathy), the sacral layer of the aura (emotional empathy), and the heart layer of the aura (feel the desires of others).

When we are around beings (be they in or out of body) the natural function of the chakra is to absorb (as well as to emit) energy. We absorb others energy and we emit our own energy. During this natural process we can be prone to changing.

Have you ever had a child go into school one year your angel and then you watch them descend into behavior that is not acceptable to you as a result of socialization. We know that everyone is susceptible to outside influence. Yet one must become conscious of what they are emitting so that they become influenced by the Divinity within Them.

There is another way of looking at things when choosing who you become… some people may have heard of the term “GIGO” it stands for Garbage In – Garbage Out. On an energetic level we have to become conscious of what we are allowing to influence us. This isn’t to say that one should avoid contact with all beings (in or out of body) who do not align to “GWGW” which I say stands for “God Within – God Wins”.  What one needs to take into consideration when one interacts with others is to realize, that although our chakras are absorbing the energy of the environment (including those beings in the environment) we have a choice as to what we allow to change us.

I am an empath… when I moved into my current home with my boyfriend (we moved into his mothers home to help her) she had a religious habit of brushing her teeth (at the very least 2 times a day and her smile and being was beautiful). I on the other hand have to admit there have been times in my life where my dental hygiene would make a dentist cringe. As an empath, I noticed that I immediately started to “unconsciously”  start brushing my teeth with a regularity that was not “normal” to me.

I had the ability, at that moment, to chose if I would continue the behavior or not.

I am a medium… there have been times where I have come into contact with a being(s) out of body who suggested that “I kill XXX” (this has only happened once, thank Goodness). But I immediately knew it was “WRONG” – meaning I knew who I was, what went against my moral grain, and what behavior I was willing to emulate.

I know this is an extreme case, but it happens…  yet at that time, I had to choose who I would become. I have freewill.

I am clairaudiant/telepathic… I am able to have conversations with beings both in and out of body (I ALWAYS Suggest connecting Higher Self to Higher Self… Recently I have come into contact with beings who are kinda like “cleaning angels” they are helping me to clean up some of the messes in my life from getting the dishes done every night to cleaning up mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that have become relevant in my life.

Because I daily meditate, I am very conscious of what behaviors are normal to me, which behaviors come as a result of exposure to others, and what behaviors I CHOOSE to emulate as regularly as I can.

Choosing who you become means knowing who you are. You have freewill – and that is an undeniable right that is not a constitutional right but a right given to all (and here you can think of Adam and Eve if you want to view it from a biblical perspective) and is a God Given Right.

To know who you are, one must begin or have a process of clearing their body, chakras, and aura so that one knows who and what is their authentic self .

Other examples including going into a new work or social environment and you find that given the atmosphere of gossip, one begins to feed into that energy and starts to gossip. This is energetic osmosis.

What is technically happening on an energetic level is that your chakras (which houses various operating programs) are absorbing information/energy and emitting information. It is the information that you are absorbing which needs to be evaluated and one must be conscious of GIGO – Garbage In = Garbage Out…

What about the Good Information we absorb… well, we can choose to integrate that behaviors in our chakras and our programming, but one should still meditate and clean as that allows their life force energy to go back to them.

When Choosing who you become… the best idea is to GWGE… allow God Within to operate through You and God Wins. After all, that is who you are an individual aspect of.

Here is something about Choosing who you become which I have written about GWGW – God Within = God Without…

We have a choice to choose if we are going to allow God to Live within us… and God is not all love folks, God is also wisdom… that I must say ruffles my feather when people forget that there is more to God than Love.

    • God Within is Courage to do the right thing…. thus God Wins when we acknowledge that we are all brothers and sisters in each others care.
    • God Within is Illumination; shinning the light on the path of right – thus God Wins when we shine the light from within.
    • God Within is Ingenuity; the ability to build and create through intelligence – thus God Wins when we use our noggin.
    • God Within is Truth; and the Truth is Love – Thus God Wins when we allow Love to be our Truth
    • God Within is Healing; Surrendering what is to big for you Up to God – Thus God Wins when you Trust in Divine.
    • God Within is Justice; allow God to Do His Will – Thus God Wins when you turn the other cheek.
    • God Within is Insight; allow yourself to look at who you are – Thus God Wins because then you can see who you are Choosing who you become.
    • God Within is Freewill; you have a choice – God Wins when you choose Love, Courage, Illumination, Ingenuity, Truth, Healing, Justice, Insight, and to exercise your Freewill.


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