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A Looksie at A Life Path Reading…

As much as I am a “go with the flow” type of spiritual person; meaning that no matter what life hands me, I am always allowing, I am also very much a planner.
I plan where I am going and what I am doing… I steer the direction of my life as I flow with the current of life.
I often give myself a Life Path Reading in which I check the direction of my dream reality and its manifestation into physical reality.
I do it by dreaming of what I would like to experience… and often what I want to experience has to do with giving 110% of myself to those I can humbly help to heal their world.
Often I know what awaits me on my life path and I know what has the potential of happening. Because if I (or you) can dream it then we can achieve it.
What we dream is a potential and the more we dream of it the more it becomes a probability and the more individuals that we can get to sign the contract to be in agreement to it the more we aligns to fruition.
Many people aren’t sure about the road ahead.
Either they haven’t planned, they don’t know how to look, or their future hinges on other people and they aren’t sure how it will go.

What do You Learn In A Life Path Reading?

When you come to me… and ask me what awaits you on your life path… what is happening in the coming year… I get the pleasure of looking at what awaits you and describing to you the scenery, the people, and the experiences that are potentials waiting to become probabilities.
I provide you a life path reading from several different perspectives to get you the answers…

One of the ways is to see a path in front of you…

I simply ask your higher self to show me it… and I watch as it forms.

The way it forms and what it looks like says something unique about what you will experience.

The people who appear or surround you on the journey gives you details about what to expect from others.

If there are forks, barriers, or curves… this will reflect the potentials that lie in front of you. This will reflect the choices and times when you exercise free will and ingenuity to forge your way through the thick of it.

And… we can look at your Life Path during a life path reading from different perspectives… from the perspective of relationships, work, spirituality, and healthiness… we can narrow the lens so to speak.

After looking at the big picture…

I go and start looking at your hear chakra layer of the aura

Life Path Readings
Life Path Readings

The Heart Layer of the Aura is where we hold information about the relationships we are attracting into our life.

Are you attracting soul mates to help you on your journey?

Are there any heart mates, twin flames, or karmic relationships on your path?

Are you repelling the relationships you don’t want or are you attracting the same old same old?

I Can look into the throat layer of your aura…. and I can see what type of Guidance you are attracting.

I can look into the Third Eye Layer of the Aura and I can tell what future steps you plan on taking.

I can look at three other aura layers and tell what you are manifesting… what part of the path you are creating!

I can guide you, explain options, and reveal the coming events as they are shown to me.

In a Life Path Reading I can shine the light for you and reveal your current destiny… your current destinations…

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