Pre-Birth Experience (PBE): Remembering The Day Before Birth

Pre-Birth Experience (PBE): Remembering The Day Before Birth

Memories of A Pre-Birth Experience

Today I am digging deeper into the process of writing a book. For years I have been told I would write a book and at different times I have been pulled to start it, I have never made it to actually completing it.

I have notes on paper and computer. I have talked about my birth in multiple places, explaining my pre birth experience.

As I think back to what has blocked me the most… what has stopped me from completing it, I think back to those moments where the retelling was so painful one must put down the pen, back a way, regroup… and choose whether or not one will reintroduce themselves to pain and agony in reliving the past.

Based on what I know today as a Psychic Healer, one would say that I had been “stuck” on pictures in my field which were still energized with powerful emotions.

I mean, telling the story of my birth means telling the story of my mothers brutal beating at the hands of my alcoholic father the day her water broke.

I was conscious during my pre birth experience on some level to his brutality and the scar of his actions is one that I don’t pick at often. And when I do, I generally talk about how he saved my life two times rather than the three  times he tried to kill me.

The is a better charge to the picture in my field when I view the past through the glass half full lens.

Now that I am starting to write again, I know that I need to move that block that I keep stumbling upon.

It makes me search my brain for what techniques I know that will help me to accomplish my goals.

The first thing I realize is that I need to ground. As I write I am going to be touching on wounded healer pictices and that is gonna hurt. These are the times when my life lessons caused growths which though painful allow for empathetic healings.

So that my story may leave my fingers and appear before you I need to allow the negatively charged energy surronding the pictures of my birth to ground out into the earths gravitational pull as I am writing so that those “negatively charged pictures” energy will get neutralized and returned to me when I call my energy back.

This is a technique that I teach called Grounding Cord and Golden Sun (you can listen to the entire class or you can skip right to the meditation: Opening Meditation – Grounding Cord and Golden Sun 21:40). This is a very basic and fundamental technique which helps one to get centered and grounded before starting the day or starting to work on a situation. Once learned it can be done in seconds.

We simpy create a grounding cord that acts as vacum to activate the earths natural gravitational pull.

Inorder to recall the past, I need to ground into the mother earth just as a one does to their mother while in the womb.

Which brings me to the umbicle cord that gives one life while in utero and remembering my pre-birth experience (PBE) as a spirit possessing a human body.


The year was 1970 and it was July 4th.

My mothers water broke and the process of labor began.

On July 5th, at 12:05 pm I was born.

That’s the raw data.

Here is what I remember… and what I would tell my mom repetetively once I learned how to communicate with words.

I apparently loved water… and at a young age I apparently held grudges against anyone who stood between me and it’s watery depths.

I would tell my mom at random times… “I am angry at you” and it wasn’t like I was an angry child! But this whole situation I couldn’t get over and the fact that she couldn’t remember it, couldn’t empathize, stuck in my child like ego like a splinter.

My mom would ask “why”?

I would say “Because you wouldn’t let me get in the water”

My mom thought I was crazy and at first let the conversation go.

But at times, out of the blue, I would bring it up and as my vocabulary and age increased, from 3 to 5 I was able to tell her details.

Finally I got to a point where she was about to blow off the conversation again that I spoke up and was able to communicate my pre birth experience ~”It was at the house that was blue, it was on the left and there was a tree to the right that was big and there was water behind it and a blue tent between the tree and the house and a little pool… and I wanted to get IN that pool and you wouldn’t let me. And there were fireworks.”

Upon adding these details, my mom shook her head and could only respond “You can’t remember that – that was the day before you were born!”

It wasn’t long after that that my mom began to seriously train me as a psychic child, purchasing “$10,000” worth of books according to my brother Dennis as she went on a quest to understand her own gifts and my gifts. She tried to train my brothers but they weren’t having any of it.

Today, as I start the first chapter of the book and begin to give more titilating details around my birth (including my father brutally beating of me and my mother that fateful day and my 7 year old brother fearless intervention that saved my human body), I find that I want to know more about what other people go through, how common is it, and what do others think about the experience.

So i “goggled it” and Here is what I have learned about pre-birth experiences and find of interest to share with you.

According to Stephen Wagner this is a rare experience.

Auther Terra MacIssac points out how scientist feel children cannot have a memory prior to 18 months. I find this interesting because science again discredits the spiritual experience in exchange for common proof. It seems because it isn’t a common experience that they disbelieve those souls who come forward with stories that seem “impossible”.

It makes me think, as the world is waking up and more souls are having these experiences, the tides will change and it will become common to experience miracles and science will catch up with Metaphysical Rules of Energetic Engagement.



  • Angela Husnick

    April 28, 2018 at 9:33 pm Reply

    I look forward to reading you book when its completed Bonnie Jean.. Such an interesting story and experience for you.

  • Anna

    December 12, 2018 at 8:36 am Reply

    Looking forward to reading your book. I believe this will be a healing process and sharing your experience will help many understand their experiences.

  • Cally

    December 15, 2018 at 4:42 am Reply

    I also rememer vividly before i was born, i have suffered panic disorder since the age of 4 as i sometimes automatically regress backward to the instant of being. I also have memories of deaths in other lives. I would be interested to know about the moment you first became ‘aware’. Thank you for sharing and good luck with your book 😊

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