Levels of Consciousness of the Root Chakra

Levels of Consciousness of the Root Chakra

Before I talk about the root chakra, I want to ask you if you have read my previous article, How Can Consulting a Psychic Help You? If you did, you understand that a psychic healer is very much like a valued mechanic. We have to be choosy when our vehicle goes in for inspection and it is the same when you bring your energy body to me to be inspected. I mean you want a qualified mechanic inspecting your vehicle, fixing what is broke, not over charging you, and guiding you with preventative maintenance  teachings.

Now I can’t tell you much about how a car works… really, I can’t. I know the basics like most folks but I’m not like a childhood girlfriend who could take a carburetor apart in the dark (true story, her dad was a race car driver).  Though I can tell you what ones look cool and catch my eye (mustangs top the list of course).

Now, I can tell you a great deal about your energy body, which is comprised of your personal energetic “vehicle” that is your body, chakras, and aura. To read and energetically heal these aspects of your being I am qualified and trained to do with 41 years of real-world experience and certifications under my belt.

When I begin a psychic reading and/or energetic healing I am going to be checking in with each of your chakras.

The first chakra that I will evaluate as a Psychic Healer is your Root Chakra.

Each chakra has a level of consciousness associated with it and by knowing which chakra house which information, I can tell you a great deal about specific topics as it pertains to the chakra. Energy blocks in the body (mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual) are usually centered in or connected to a chakra. The chakra is tied to specific body parts

Things You Should Know About the Base Chakra

Human chakra system
Human chakra system

The official term for the root chakra is muladahar and it literally means “foundation”.

What is a house without a solid foundation… it is dangerous… it gets cracks in the walls… it lists to one side… and stands a good chance of crumbling down. Much the same can be said of a weak root chakra. All of the chakras above it are in danger of improper functioning, your bones could be weak… you may find that you walk off balance, and that when life throws you a curve ball, you crumble in defeat.

The muladahar is also the seat of our Kundalini energy, which rises through all of our chakras; empowering them to greater levels of consciousness.

The foundation of a tree is it’s root system. The root system connects one into the earth and one receives energetic support from the earth, allowing one to flourish from the bounty of the earth as one attunes to it’s frequency and vibration.

The root chakra is located at the base of your spine. It is associated with the color red, and is really concerned with your physical survival.

The consciousness of the root chakra is all about survival. Here we hold information that tells us how to care for our body, fend off attackers, create wealth and security, and feel secure and trusting in the earths and our own resources. Here we have primal urges that lead to procreation for the survival of our species. When the root chakra is strong though, we don’t think much about survival for our foundation is strong and we have adapted ourselves to thriving.

The root chakra develops between the ages of 0 and 7; a formidable time of growth.

If one experiences abandonment, sexual trauma, illness, or abuse this chakra will begin to shut down and will often stop naturally grounding into the earth; the grounding cord literally shrinking. If you have experienced such situations, a great place to start is with these meditations.

The result of childhood trauma can cause one’s life to be based in fear and for the individual to seek outside influences to make them feel secure.

It is important that one be grounded and rooted in the physical reality or else we go hungry, homeless, helpless, and wealthless. Our will to live resides in the root chakra and a weak will to live results in suicidal idealization.

Now there is an energy level around you that is called you aura and the corresponding aura layer to the root chakra is the first one to encompass your body.

This layer of the aura allows you to be a medical empath because it is through this layer of the aura that we FEEL other peoples physical pain. Developing this chakra results in more empathy for the pains of others. If one is empathetic, one may become overwhelmed and I suggest the following meditations to get you started on healing and balancing your root chakra as well as all the other chakras.

If you are looking to develop your psychic abilities then healing this chakra will help you with psychometry, dowsing, psychic surgery, kinesiology, telekinesis, and hands on healing.

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