How Can Consulting with a Psychic Healer Help You?

How Can Consulting with a Psychic Healer Help You?

Why Consult a Psychic Healer?

Many people wonder, how can consulting a psychic healer help you?

To understand how a paranormal expert can help you, I want to ask you to take a minute and think about your friendly auto mechanic. When you ease your car into the garage, the mechanic has the wisdom to understand the inner workings of your vehicle, and the know how to tweak, fix, and adjust that which is broken or out of alignment. Wise mechanics and psychic healers are also going to guide you with preventative maintenance steps that you can take in between visits. The mechanic may suggest a higher grade of gasoline where as I am going to highly suggest daily meditation practices.

Where as a mechanic may drain the old oil, a paranormal expert will drain the old and unserving energy from your field. Where as a mechanic may give you a front end alignment, a Psychic Healer will align the chakras. A mechanic is gonna give it a 7 point inspection and I too, will inspect all 7 chakras and tell you what is happening with each one, where the blocks in the energy flow is, and then go about fixing your vehicle (your energy body).

Some mechanics will wash your car after the service, and I too clean and make your aura and chakras sparkly clean and refill you with Gods Divine Plan, just as the mechanic refills your car with new oil to keep the engine smooth.

Like a mechanic can look at your car and tell how it has been treated, driven, and cared for, I can look at your energy and see how you and others have treated you, what has driven you, and how well you have cared for yourself.

Even more there are other reasons you may want to consult a psychic healer:

  • To Commune with the Deceased
  • To Receive Guidance On Love
  • To Receive Guidance on Career and Money
  • To Receive Guidance on Family
  • To Heal from Mental, Physical, Emotional, or Spiritual Pain
  • To Receive Guidance on Future Events
  • To Receive Guidance on Health and Well-being Issues
  • To Receive Messages from the Angels


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Psychic Healing Services

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Online Spiritual Development Training

Would you like to learn and grow spiritually?


Join Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean as she shares 26 years of crystal wisdom and 41 years of psychic tools with you and teaches you the keys to  safely and effectively unlocking your unlimited potential through online – self paced Spiritual Development Classes. Having meditated since she was 16 and working with crystals since the age of 20, at 46 Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean has a plethora of wisdom and first-hand experience to help guide you in


  • Connecting with your crystals and raising your vibration and frequency,
  • Unlocking your natural psychic abilities and intuition system of all 12 chakras,
  • Healing, balancing, and aligning your 12 chakra system,
  • Activating your light body and ascending in consciousness,
  • Develop a working relationship with your team of Sacred Spirits and learn to channel Sacred Spirits
    • God, Your Higher Self, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and Alien Intelligence
  • Learning how to connect with your Higher Self and unleash your unlimited potential,
  • Educating yourself, through hands on practice, on how to heal yourself with crystals, mantras, sage, salt, and vinegar.
  • Learning how to be a distance healer for others and work with individuals 1,000’s of miles away
  • Learning how to set up an ethical practice and be a full time healer
  • Learning How to Humbly Help To Heal Those Who Can Heal The World.

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