Did You Know Acceptance Leads to Peace

Did You Know Acceptance Leads to Peace


Sometimes,  I happen to notice a trend in the message that comes through in a reading.

Most often, during the course of the day, the readings I offer are unique and as a trans-medium I don’t remember the sessions.

Yet last week, I noticed a trend, that although each situation was different the message, in the end was the same.

That message was the client needed to practice Acceptance.

What I am talking about is best summarized in the retelling of the story, which may seem familiar to a few of you. There was a client who had been in a relationship and then out of the blue, the tides turned, the partner left to be with another, and the client was left picking up the pieces. This particular client felt stuck because she felt she had been left with an unsellable home and 25 years of memories to deal with along with a sense of abandonment.

When I looked at the situation, the message came through loud and clear from spirit was she was not accepting and that is why she felt stuck.

Acceptance is a big part of healing when change is underway.

When you look at the situation from an energetic level, when we don’t become fluid with a situation we stunt our own growth, throw a wrench in the cycle of life, and become stuck in a downward spiral of depression.

Rather than practicing Acceptance the client was holding onto anger and she wanted the ex to become conscious of all of the damage he had done to her.

When we do not accept situations in which another individual has made a choice to leave then most often we are not going to be able to move through a situation, most often we are going to become stuck in a rut, digging a deeper hole each day that we fight accepting the “reality” of a situation.

It is usually our ego side, the one that wants things to go our way and to have what it desires we seek to control situations and manipulate them to our liking. Our emotional side is often bruised as well, we fall into doubt and a feeling of being unloved; wondering what is wrong with us.

Yet, when it comes to situations beyond our control, such as the separation from a spouse or the death of a loved one then we can save ourselves a great deal of head ache, heart ache, and depression if we accept the situation.

We have to accept that the other individual had free-will to leave, to make a choice, and to behave as they desire even when we hurt, we need to have respect for their choice. After all, that does paint a picture of who they are and where they are in life.

Practicing Acceptance will bring one peace.

Giving our blessing to anther’s choice gives one mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom.

Giving our blessing to another is a choice. Consciously we need to choose our behavior, choose our focus, and choose to live in the present moment.

Consciously we need to accept.

Acceptance leads to living in the present moment.

In the present not only can we see the gift of life, but that is where God exists and miracles can form.

Often times, when in the midst of a turbulent situation we have blinders on and are unable to see the future potentials for happiness. It is much like that time in grade school when you were extremely embarrassed and thought it was the end of the world.

It really wasn’t the end of the world… and like most situations, this to shall pass… but only if you allow it by practicing acceptance.



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