Angel Messages ~ Assume Your Power

Angel Messages
Angel Messages

What if I told you that now is the best time to assume your power and take charge of your life?

Would you tell me “Geez thanks but I am already doing that” or would you say to me “Oh Geez, how do I do that”?

If your response was how do I do that, then please read this posting carefully as the Angels have a message for you

Today’s Angel Messages – Assume Your Power

Many times people forget how powerful they are, they forget the fundamental truth which is that we are made in the likeness of God.

Through the teachings of the Ascended Masters such as Jesus we learn that True Power lies in allowing Source to Flow Through Us as we act as a Channel for Divine Energy and Love to Flow Through.

Through the teachings of the Mages, we learn that true power is really self-mastery.

That means when we figure out who we are and what makes us tick we assume our seniority and in assuming our seniority, we assume our power.

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”
― Lao Tzu

According to the Angel Messages You do the world good when you take time to get to know yourself for in knowing who you are and what drives you one unlocks the secrets of their soul which reveals their personal destiny.

True power is not found in directing the behaviors of others, rather it is found in directing our own behaviors, our thoughts, our feelings, and our beliefs.

If one assumes their true power; their seniority, then their destiny as an enlightened being ascending in consciousness is assured.

“No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.”
― Pythagoras

To step into your power means that you must be the one controlling you.

Not your mom, you dad, your spouse, your children, or your minister.

It is not their job to tell you want to eat…. It is your job to go inward, to get to know thyself, and to listen to your body tell you what it needs. Upon learning what your body needs, one then endeavors to satisfy the body while being responsible. Responsibility is a big part of power, one must be responsible for their action and in-actions, one must be in charge of the body while taking time to acknowledge its wants.

It is not their job to tell you who or what to love… it is your job to go inward and learn what appeals to the soul and causes the heart to flutter in excitement and the mouth to curve in a pleasant smile. Your heart is a barometer for your passion and living your passion is living in true power. You must be responsible for where passion leads you and develop the wisdom to discern those who would abscond with your love and those who will ascend through the gift of your love.

It is not their job to clean up your messes… it is your job to go inward and look at the highs and lows of your life, assess the damage, find the weaknesses and build better bridges in those places where self-destruction decimated potential. By taking responsibility for those times you became your own worst enemy and caused havoc and mayhem in your world one has the potential grow into a wiser soul who thinks carefully where they will focus their passion so that one can live in their power.

The Angel Messages coming through is for you to step into your power, you must step up and be responsible and ditch the devil made me do it escape goat mentality. One must stand on the platform of transformation completely willing to accept the present situation wearing a medal of achievement for how far you have come. Once done, one can step fully into their seniority with the wisdom to shape a brighter future fully in-charge of where they are going, what they are doing, and who they will become.

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