“Holy…freaking…cow…. She is amazing. She literally saw everything. And then helped me see what I needed to see. And that broke me down, because I knew it was true. And there was so much healing just in the revelations she showed me. I bawled my eyes out and yet I already feel a million times lighter. My mind is blown. She is probably the most gifted psychic I have ever come across, and that is not an exaggeration. I am in shock and awe. I am literally the most stubborn person on this planet, but she got me to see what I have been needing to see for a long time now. And now I can move on with my life and get out of this stagnant mud I was sitting in. Thats completely priceless.” Phoenix 122014

Greetings, I am Spiritual Leader and Christian Mystic Healer Bonnie Jean (according to my fathers at the Catholic Church… I did not choose that title it was given to me by those who are Holy) who also is a Bhakti Yogi (According to Guru Hari Kumar). I also went through a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening in 2008 and rising in 2019 after 30 plus years of Meditating. Recently, I have a Pastor who is trying to instill in me the teaching that I am a Prophet as well… and I am sitting with that… not really sure what God wants me to be “titled” as in truth I just plain call myself a child of God.

With that mouth full said, I want to sincerely welcome you home. I am an energy healer in the Oneness Healing Technique which is an Empathetic Healing Medium that I have Created and Now Teach.

Before we begin I want to take a moment and tell you about myself. My entire life has been filled with Spiritual and Mystical Experiences and I hope that you enjoy reading about them as this will help you to get to know me before our first appointment.

If you feel the desire to pass this information on to someone you believe I can help, please do.

Remembering the Day Before I was Born:
The Story:
The first experience that I want to tell you about and I feel it is of importance is the fact that at the age of three, I began to tell my mother stories about the party she was at the day before I was born. I have within me a memory of that day burned into my consciousness of a party in which there was a kids swimming pool that she wouldn’t let me get into (and that had me mad when I remember it – oooohhhh how I wanted to swim like the fishes) a blue house, a river behind the house, and a big ol tree to the right and blue netted tent in between. At first my mother was confused until she realized I was talking about the day she went into labor with me.

It wasn’t until later in life that I was told on the day my mom went into labor was the same day my father made his third attempt to end my life in the womb by brutally kicking my mothers’ abdomen repeatedly and brutally that fiery night of 4th of July in 1970.

As my father beat her, my mother prayed to the angels to save us and my 7 year old brother found the God Given Strength to step between them and cease the beating. He spent the whole night with my mother in labor laying in her bed. Later an ambulance was called when the coast was clear.

My father also saved my life two times after I was born. I had extreme allergies and he was the one who would find me and save me with cpr. Once it happened in my baby swing at our home and once it happened at the beach in Atlantic City.

The Lesson:

  • When it isn’t our time to die, we will be saved by the Grace of God.
  • People are afraid and angry when they don’t think they are getting their way. My father didn’t want another child… didn’t want another boy… he already had 3 and the doctors were saying I was going to be a boy. When I was born, and he found out I was a girl, that anger changed and he loved… I am grateful for that.

Beginning Psychic Training at 6 Years Old:
The Story:
Realizing I and my siblings were naturally psychic my mother began our psychic training when I was 6. She attempted to train my three brothers as well but they were not having any of it. I took to it like a fish to water and would enjoy the psychic games that helped me to develop my gifts. My mother was naturally intuitive and my grandmother channeled spirit (she was a holy roller who spoke in tongues).

The game that I remember most was with a deck of new playing cards. She turned off all but one light and she sat on the floor five feet from me. From across the room, she held up the back of the card and it was my job to “guess” if it was red or black.

I didn’t do real well with it. But when I touched them, I could feel the red heat and the cool black of the card. I had the gift of psychometry.

Later when my step daughter started to develop psychic abilities I too played this game with her and added an additional variable, touching her knee. If I was touching her, her accuracy was 100%. This meant she could read my mind when we touched!

The Lesson: Testing your psychic abilities are fun but you have to try different techniques with the cards…. try having someone else project the image to you, try touching the card and seeing if you feel the energy, see if touching the person touching the card allows you to know the information. Practice… practice… practice…. learn who you are and what comes naturally to you… if you don’t get it at first… try again… just play with the natural curiousity of a child… God gave us many gifts so that we can naturally read people and situations so that we not blind to the infinite postential of goodness that comes with being In Tune for the Highest God.

In the work world, as a little side note, I would have to take an elevator each day and there were two that could arrive when you pushed the button. I would TELL my body – tingle on the side that is going to come first… and I trained my body to respond to the information.

Near Death Experience:
The Story:
I developed clairaudient abilities after a near death experience at the age of 11 in which I almost drowned in the Mississippi River and again the Angels Saved me. This time, I was trapped under the murky water with a rope twisted around my foot and wedged under a fallen tree. I had swung into the river via that long rope that had trapped me. As I began to suffer from lack of air, my blessed guide quickly told me to scream for the angels but don’t open my mouth.

Doing as advised I screamed with all my heart. Up on land, I was later told, David was heading back to camp when something told him that if he didn’t turn around and jump in and get me I would drown. He turned around and ran back to the river, jumping in and pulling out my limp body. He was given a Hero’s Award by the Masons and I found another Angel had saved my life, another Human Angel.

The Whiplash… When I screamed for the angels, something in me changed. I went from being a child who had some natural psychic abilities to a child that was suddenly clairaudient and telepathic. I thought I would go insane for two weeks after the NDE. I couldn’t sleep because all I could do was “hear” voices. I took me time to learn how, just like a radio, to change the dial and choose what I would tune into.

The Lesson… There is intelligence in space… sometimes… to get away from the noises and the clutter of thoughts on the earth plane I would have to travel far out into space… into the heart of God within me… to find silence and peace.

Beginning to Meditate:
The Story:
At the age of 13 I traveled to Texas to visit my brother and upon doing so learned in a casual conversation that a handicapped child had tried to molest my niece. This brought forth memories I had suppressed of my own childhood sexual abuse. I dealt with it for three years, not telling my mother about it. At 16 she found a note I had written about the experience and she immediately put me into therapy with a para-psychologist; one who also investigates paranormal activities. He taught me meditation and guided me on a past life journey. (I have been meditating 32 years as of this writing (2018).

Crystal Therapy and Energy Healing:
The Story:
I began Crystal Therapy Training and Natural Energy Healing at the age of 20 via the Wiccan Tradition and learned about the workings of Mother Nature. I was taught by Alexandria Foxmoore and you will learn from her teachings when I introduce you to the Lovecraft Laws that she wrote for the seekers of truth.

The Story:
From the age of 13 to 19 I worked as a clerk at a 7-11 with my mother and then I began to work in the business world starting out as a purchasing clerk, selling perfume door to door, working as a sales representative, a sales manager, and an owner in the corporate world of transportation and bar-code scanners from the ages of 20 until 32. The I decided to open my own candle business and had two mall kiosks. It was fun to have a business doing what I loved and during this time I was very competitive and I cussed like a sailor. Although I still meditated I was down in the trenches of the mundane world and though psychic I was aggressive and sassy while loving.

Spiritual Awakening:
The Story:
I went through a spontaneous kundalini awakening starting at 35 and changed careers at 38 and became a full time energy healer. When one goes through a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening all types of amazing things happen; some good some bad; but if you believe and trust that it is all good – it is all good. During the time of the kundalini I began to develop techniques that are presented to you today in the form of the Oneness Healing Certification. With the gifts of the kundalini I left behind the world of cussing, competition, and the mudane trenches. I turned towards developing myself, my gifts, and navigating the lessons that come with a Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening.

Being a Medium
As a medium, I have helped many souls to cross over.
The first time it happened was when I was 21. I had a “feeling” about Red Foxx and so when I went to bed I prayed for him. He passed and I learned about it the next day and as a gift he left me jewelry.
In 2008 when my mom was in a comatose state I prayed to and saw Jesus come through and my mother sat up squeezed my hand, and then passed that day.

Healing from Seizures:
The Story:
I became a daily practitioner of the Ho’oponopono at 39 and experienced miraculous healings as well as receiving my certification in the Ho Oponopono Healing Technique at 48. I have used the ho oponopono to heal seizures, cancer, relationships, curses, etc. It goes into your DNA and heals the “pictures” of illness (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual) that are shared in group consciousness. You will learn the ho oponopono during the training.

Professional Certifications:
The Story:
Flower of Life Certification, Clairvoyant Certification, Teacher Certification, Reiki Certification, Ho Oponopono Certification.

Classes I Teach:
The Story:
Psychic Development Training Classes, the 45 Day Sage Challenge and Distance Crystal Therapy Certification classes
This class is a Spiritual Development Class that Combines Spiritual Development Training, Psychic Development Training, and Energy Healing Training known as “Oneness Healing”