“Holy…freaking…cow…. She is amazing. She literally saw everything. And then helped me see what I needed to see. And that broke me down, because I knew it was true. And there was so much healing just in the revelations she showed me. I bawled my eyes out and yet I already feel a million times lighter. My mind is blown. She is probably the most gifted psychic I have ever come across, and that is not an exaggeration. I am in shock and awe. I am literally the most stubborn person on this planet, but she got me to see what I have been needing to see for a long time now. And now I can move on with my life and get out of this stagnant mud I was sitting in. Thats completely priceless.” Phoenix 122014

If I had to tell you what I love most in life, the answer would be helping… helping people to heal. and helping people to develop their empathetic gifts in such a way as to help themselves and others to heal.
I help others through one-on-one energetic Oneness Healings in which we meet over the phone and I do a distance healing in which I join with you in oneness and we go through your body, chakras, and aura and we read and energetically you of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks.
I have known Bonnie for approximately 4 yrs now and she has been my spiritual advisor during this time. She has always provided me with the best consultation and readings I have ever had and for that I am very grateful. Lately however, she has been my spiritual healer as well due to some problems I am experiencing and she has performed a couple of phone sessions as well as a virtual session for me and the results have been fabulous. Having known this woman has been a God Send for me and I am not an actor and this has not been a paid Testimonial. Bonnie has more than paid me in her services to me and I am sure all of her followers. – Phil Lowe

Here is a List of Services that I can Offer You To Help You To Heal Your World

Oneness Healing Services

  • 7 Rays of Creation Energetic Healing
  • Oneness Healing: Healing the Biggest Blocks
  • Spiritual Energy Check

Educational Services

  • Oneness Healing Training